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Free Water Games Online

 Winx Club Mermaid Layla (1468 plays)

Swim under your sea and get and collect shells nonetheless try to avoid sting rays.
 Extreme Trucks (1431 plays)

Extreme Trucks is another 2D vehicle skill free game which is quite similar to your well k...
 Sea Explorer (1235 plays)

Explore and navigate via your deep seas bumping too hard on your surfaces. How fast can yo...
 The Backyardigans Adven... (1230 plays)

Pick your adventure and who you intend to to play and enjoy with!
 Fisher Boy (1207 plays)

Hunt in 24 spots all over your world and try to catch as many fishes when can. Each time y...
 Bomb Disposal (1200 plays)

Deactivate bombs and destroy your blocks nonetheless do not acquire blown up yourself.
 Lil Cheney (1161 plays)

Lil Cheney must blast his enemies Lil Hilary and Lil Barrack nonetheless try to avoid Lil ...
 Cannon Island (1091 plays)

Defend this island as long when can. Use a little ammo when can to pop your balloons.
 Sub Wars (1060 plays)

Destroy as mush ships and submarine when can! The deeper you submerge your harder it is to...
 Adventure In Pond (1057 plays)

A tadpole was lost in your pond. Please complete this thrilling adventure and try to help ...
 Valuable Drops (1054 plays)

In one desert scene, we have four leaves that offer water drops and which are supposed to ...
 Sea Diver (1018 plays)

You objective in this game is to dive off a cliff and collect all gems and treasure chests...
 High On Holi (1015 plays)

Travel your maze-like city heading towards your end while dodging water balloons.
 Hungry Hippaul (1007 plays)

Help your hungry hippaul in eating as much food as possible and avoiding all your obstacle...
 Something Fishy (990 plays)

Pop your bubbles and free your fish before your cave fills up.
 Treasure Seas Inc (980 plays)

Dive your submarine for treasure. Get money from treasure to buy better sub. Go deeper for...
 Sunken Treasure (980 plays)

Find and open your treasures of your sunken ship from your deep blue sea.
 Steer It Clear (948 plays)

Your mission is to guide your ship via dangerous waters to reach its destination in given ...
 Bikini Bottom Or Burst (937 plays)

Pop bubbles nonetheless do not pop your glove balloon. Youve only got 3 spares! Stay away ...
 Surfng Dooly (936 plays)

Surfs up with Dooly.
 Mermaids Kiss (929 plays)

You are one good-looking Mermaid with mind reading power. Kiss your boyfriend while you ge...
 Car Launch (929 plays)

The objective of this free game is to launch your car in your ramp.
 Tuga The Sea Turtle (908 plays)

The goal is to try to help her gobble jellyfish.
 Dark Island Dive (907 plays)

Help Toucan Sam and his nephews recover your lost Froot Loops. Use your cursor keys to con...
 City Of Ember Pipeworks (906 plays)

Quick! Get your pipes in one row before your water pressure blows! Make one clean run from...
 Shark Mountain (905 plays)

You are one shark on one mountain. People try to blow you up, so eat them to stop them.
 Flying Gonzo (897 plays)

Calculate your angle and firing speed and acquire Gonzo into your pool. Each time he misse...
 Yuletide Riptide (896 plays)

Even in your off-season, Xmas elves have package quotas on your brain! In this free game, ...
 Bunny Bounce (895 plays)

Help your bunnies cross your river using wooden log.
 Jet Ski (874 plays)

Ski and get and collect as many Pepsi buoys as possible for bonus points. Avoid all mines!
 Da Dunk Tank Dudes (867 plays)

Aim and toss balls at your targets to dunk your friend in your water tank.
 Sesam Stuntstup (864 plays)

Help him to reach your best depth, jumping to one swimming pool.
 Bumper Craft (833 plays)

Navigate your bumper craft and find your exit!
 Flash Pipes (830 plays)

Fill in your blue squares with pipes to keep your green ooz flowing via your pipe.
 Lollys Garden (830 plays)

Golly, Lolly... How does your lollipop garden grow???
 River Whoosh Log Hop (829 plays)

How long can you keep Iggy jumping from log to log before he falls into your river?
 The Dam Game (827 plays)

Hold back your dam water and save your village! Do it by catapulting objects from your far...
 Soakertag Elite (826 plays)

How quickly can you clear your field? Earn points by soaking your opponents. Dissolve thei...
 Sub Bump (824 plays)

Help pilot your Sub Bump via your cave of doom, far below in your depths of your ocean. Av...
 Leaf Boarding (821 plays)

See how fast you can acquire down your river.
 Zipzip Balls (814 plays)

Try to acquire as many zipzip balls as possible safely across your river. Avoid letting yo...
 Toon Marooned (813 plays)

Aim your shooter, adjust power, and fire. If you are good you will hit your green floaties...
 Huru Beach Party (811 plays)

In this free game some weird dolls intend to to relax on your beach. You are some sort of ...
 Save The Plant (809 plays)

Assemble all your pieces of your pipeline in such one way that it connects your water tank...
 Garden Attack (805 plays)

Pop your balloons with your cactus.
 Liquid Measure (801 plays)

Try to fill all your water into your offerd containers in your puzzle free game Liquid Mea...
 Lagoon Quest (792 plays)

The lake is full of dangers. Help your dolphin to cross your lake and find his friends.
 Bionicle Matoro (789 plays)

Move under your ocean in this sidescroller when cut seaweed and make your way further to y...
 Furious Hippo (788 plays)

Scare your swimmers and make them all come out from your water before your time finish.
 Crab Shooter (779 plays)

You are going to have fun one very fun free game - Crab Shooter. In this free game, your C...

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