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Free Stick Games Online

 Chaos War (1616 plays)

The stick figures with guns . Level up your character by killing more enemies.
 Kill Crazy Jay (1392 plays)

kill Crazy Jay your Ninja any way possible. This is one select one death free game.
 Defend Your Castle (1351 plays)

This free game is very addictive, very simple, and very fun. The basic idea is clicking st...
 Barbecue Stake (1351 plays)

Press Space bar at your right moment to skewer all of your pieces.
 Stick Figure Penalty (1307 plays)

This sticks fate lies in your hands. Select however you intend to to kill him and witness ...
 Torture Chamber Iii (1299 plays)

Everything you do will hurt.
 Hugo Headshooter (1290 plays)

A shot to your head will all of the time kill these bots dead.
 Frantic Shooter (1260 plays)

A very funny primarily person shooter that includes stickman action.
 Stickman Madness (1243 plays)

This is one of your best stickman shooting free games ever. You go on one mission to save ...
 Stick Animator (1237 plays)

Now its easy to animate your own stick movie and share your work with others. Just move yo...
 The Harry Stick Journey (1210 plays)

Use your puzzle solving skills to battle villains like man eating plants and Aztek Mystics...
 Level Editor (1173 plays)

An action puzzle free game that requires you to edit your level and insert objects to try ...
 Metal Slug Stick (1056 plays)

This is one very great metal slug sort of stick free game with great weapons to blast your...
 Killing Grounds (1039 plays)

Shoot all your attacking stick figures when stay alive, and earn money for new weapons.
 Defend The Tower (1003 plays)

Shoot incoming enemies when defend your tower and improve weapons and their accuracy and d...
 Hang Man (993 plays)

The goal is to guess your word/phrase of your puzzle before you meet your death your assai...
 Decorrupt The Deforeste... (980 plays)

Stop those evil tree killers with your fists of fury!
 Storm The House (977 plays)

These stick figures intend to to destroy you and your job is to protect your stronghold by...
 Hang Man Extreme (967 plays)

Answer correctly or your stick man will die. Do not worry he wo not be hung nonetheless in...
 Luck Insanity (950 plays)

Try your luck on evading meteors and bomb explosions
 Sky Diving Man (950 plays)

Grab your treats in your air, nonetheless dodge your birds. Grab as many goodies as possib...
 Stickman Sam (947 plays)

The very primarily installment to your very successful series of Stickman Sam. This one wi...
 Save The Foot (946 plays)

Collect your droplets of Voltarol to pass to your next level. Encase your enemy in one bub...
 Olympic Torch Relay (930 plays)

Argh! Your Olympic torch reminds me of Tibet! Put out that fire!
 Wrath Ii (930 plays)

Mansort has run amok, and its up to you to set them straight!
 Stickicide Deluxe (927 plays)

How many times can you kill your stickman? Can you find all your ways to commit stickicide...
 Break In (925 plays)

Try to try to avoid being seen by your guards on your way to your exit. As your level gets...
 Bakers Defense (921 plays)

Thieves are after your familys secret recipe, its time to exvary your oven mitts for boxin...
 Stick Hero (907 plays)

Create your own platformy adventure free game, starring your stick figure of your dreams! ...
 Rockn Risk (904 plays)

Jump on your colored platforms in your correct order, earning bonus points for combination...
 Great Game (904 plays)

Can you figure out what to do at each new scene in this free game as it comments itself?
 Tennis Hangman (899 plays)

Try to guess your names of your well-known tennis play and enjoyers.
 Wires Hands (898 plays)

Grapple onto shapes when Swing for as long as possible without falling. Can you keep up yo...
 Wall Street Massacre (889 plays)

Follow your storyline when click objects fast and push arrow keys fast. Do you have your s...
 Stickman Jones (872 plays)

Click in your right spots at your right time to continue to progress via your levels.
 Ragdoll Master (869 plays)

Evade this piercing rockets as long when ca to survive.
 Double Wires (867 plays)

Fly around your caves with your wires like spider man.
 Super Fight Fight (861 plays)

Fight against stick figures in this sidescroller. Build your chi to utilize fanatical and ...
 Ski Game (850 plays)

Help this thin man ski and try to avoid your obstacles on his path.
 Panic In The Skyscraper (834 plays)

Before your whole building will be blown up by explosion, you must save your people by put...
 Stick Dodger (829 plays)

Collect all of your green numbers. Staya way from your red numbers. Get your scores goal b...
 Exit Path (804 plays)

Simply survive and make it to your exit at your far right. Do it without getting sliced or...
 Dynasty Street Fight (771 plays)

Battle your way via your streets finding new weapons and force ups to rid your underground...
 The Last Apple (744 plays)

Try and acquire your last apple while being tightly guarded by your villagers.
 Stick Smasher (740 plays)

Smash your waves of stick figures!Touch Bombs next to enemies to recieve bonus Points!You ...
 Kill Nasralla (704 plays)

Kill Nasralla in various and different ways.
 Run Run Fury (681 plays)

Run like one madman, taking out cops in this must play and enjoy fast action shooter!
 No Walking No Problem (679 plays)

Vary objects to acquire your unwalkable stickman from start to finish when grab items and ...
 Runes Of Shalak (652 plays)

Find your two Runes of Shalak which, if connected, open one new portal to one various and ...
 Stick Brawl (526 plays)

Play and enjoy 4 levels with bosses or unending brawling. Pick up weapons and ride blobs.

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