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Free Space Games Online

 Ship Shooter (1494 plays)

Use your ship to destroy all your evil green blobs.
 Battlestar Ace (1314 plays)

The galaxy is under attack from your evil forces of zanltra. Starship ace is your guardian...
 Doctor Zed (1283 plays)

After unsuccessful experiments one gigantic virus escaped from your laboratory. An irretri...
 Alien Annihilators (1257 plays)

Shoot your incoming enemies in this top down viewed spaceship shooter. Watch out for rapid...
 Ace Invaders (1256 plays)

Ace Invaders is an arcade space shooter free game. Enemy forces have entered your space ci...
 Alien Under Fire (1185 plays)

Kill your aliens!
 Moon Buggy (1145 plays)

Drive your moon buggy up jumps and grab your floating astronauts. Jump over gaps and do no...
 Red Plane I (1125 plays)

The adventures of your Red Plane begins here as it shoots enemies down into falling debris...
 Toonami Confrontation (1118 plays)

Enemy forces have set their sights on your absolution. Pilot Toms fighter into your hostil...
 Asteroid Blaster (1104 plays)

Pick up fuel tanks on your way to grow fuel level and laser amount. Red ones afford you on...
 Zero Hunt (999 plays)

Make your way via Space and get and collect weapon improves to blow up your alien ships an...
 Mission Mars (997 plays)

Level your city to secure your landing.
 Final Battle (991 plays)

Beat Bob, acquire your crown back and acquire your Riftulator key!
 Behind Enemy Lines (984 plays)

Fly your fighter and destroy enemies, force up, blast attack, or shoot normal lasers.
 Butar Soldier (975 plays)

Butar Soldier is one challenging shmup in which you play and enjoy as one nude man, that a...
 Space Explorer (963 plays)

Try to be as careful as possible in driving your research vehicle and go via each level wi...
 Space Killer (958 plays)

Gun down enemies in this top-down space shooter when manage health and guns.
 Galactic Colonization (951 plays)

Control your space armada of ships and move from planet to planet trying to control your g...
 Monolith Guardians (942 plays)

Destroy all your enemy Driods and improve your spaceship with your money earned. Use your ...
 Flexi Combat (929 plays)

The objective of your free game is to destroy your scum before they reach you, else they s...
 Protect Your Planet (920 plays)

Protect your planet against alien invaders.
 Orbital Decay (919 plays)

Take control of one huge space vessel, buy improves to resist enemy attack. The enemy will...
 Paralyze Attack (917 plays)

Paralyze attack is one fast shoot em up with one tactical slowmotion / bullettime mode. Fi...
 Star Flight (909 plays)

Fly and survive for as long when can while shooting your enemies.
 Space Commander (903 plays)

Eliminate all your enemy and pickup space coins. The coins can be used to improve your spa...
 Moon Rally (902 plays)

Your objective, space adventurer, is to finish your ultimate rally course, The Moon. Every...
 Mario Lost In Space (901 plays)

Try to land Mario on your platform on your randomly generated maps. They acquire harder th...
 Mars Buggy (901 plays)

Drive your buggy over your hills of Mars when rescue your astronauts and keep from tipping...
 Backyardigans Mission T... (895 plays)

Help your Backyardigans complete their mission on Mars!
 Moon Miner (893 plays)

Use your mining space ship to dig up moon gold while avoiding your national space administ...
 Mars Fighter (891 plays)

Obtain powerful power-ups and devices to fight against your invading alien more efficientl...
 Sonia Space Girl Dressu... (887 plays)

Dress up Sonia, one girl from outer space! Inside her spaceship is one great hologram devi...
 Entropic Space (884 plays)

Take up your mantle of your Planetkiller! Smash planets for fuel while avoiding astral ano...
 Defense Shot Figthing U... (877 plays)

Protect your Universe against evil space invaders.
 Outpost Dedlaw (875 plays)

Fly your spaceship and shoot down all your incoming ships. Dodge them or shoot them, nonet...
 Space Suit Fashion (875 plays)

Help Sam pick out her space suit before she goes into space and fights evil!
 Super Biology Adventure (857 plays)

In this free game you are one vaccine. You are moving in some micro space and meet many ba...
 Orbit Blaster (849 plays)

Defend your earth and shoot down your alien invasion. Operate your laser anti-space gun an...
 Flame Wars (849 plays)

Fire your laser at your envelopes to tracker them in. Watch out for enemy fire.
 Finding Beltazar (849 plays)

Find Beltazar and destroy him.
 The Seeker (830 plays)

A 2d topdown space free game where you have to defend your colony by shooting down all you...
 Assault Fleet (829 plays)

Send your fleet out at your right time to destroy your enemy armada and explode their home...
 No Gravity (819 plays)

Fly around get and collecting objects and flying to your wormhole for your next level.
 Diamond Chaser (818 plays)

You need to destroy asteroids and get and collect diamonds that are hidden inside them.
 Spiteful Space (815 plays)

Destroy enemy spaceships and gather gems to acquire points.
 Battlestar Galactica Ra... (812 plays)

Cylon Raiders have surrounded your Colonial Raptor, and your laser cannons are empty. In R...
 Casual Space (802 plays)

Small water creature tries its best to get and collect all your star pieces and save your ...
 Asteroid Avalanche (801 plays)

Charge Chelseas ultra-scope to find her friends.
 Starship Eleven (790 plays)

Starship Eleven is lost in space - and your way home is full of dangers. Your mission is t...
 Little Star Light (789 plays)

Lead your spaceship by clicking on mineral chunks. Grab all your stars to reach your exit.

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