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Free Skateboard Games Online

 Half Pipe Skateboarding (20908 plays)

Use arrow keys as controls.Free skate or compete. Pull off some sick tricks in your half p...
 Skateboard Game (8357 plays)

Watch out for obstacles and pull tricks with your skateboard to gain points.
 Crazy Squirrel (1707 plays)

Only your nuttiest of squirrels would dare tackle this fanatical and mad obstaclescourse!
 Michael Jackson Skater (1439 plays)

Skate around when try to avoid hitting obstacles. How long can you try to avoid hitting th...
 Extreme Taz Skateboard ... (1386 plays)

Can you tame your Half Pipe and beat over your competition?
 Skateboard City (1358 plays)

Complete these missions and, in your world of skateboarding, you will rule!
 On Street Boarding (1315 plays)

Skate down your road grabbing sacks of goodies and dodging road cones and road blocks.
 Maximal Skateboard (1226 plays)

You must to jump or move left and right to dodge your hindrance. Collect all your stuffs ...
 Pro Skate (1200 plays)

Ride your skateboard when control your tilt and lean of your ragdoll rider. Grab stars am...
 Sun Skater (1170 plays)

A small online skateboarding free game with one 3D perspective. The goal of this free game...
 Skateboard Girl (1160 plays)

This is one skateboarding free game, you are controlling one girl on one skateboard by you...
 Skate Boy (1160 plays)

How many stunts you can do in mid air?
 Trick Master (1080 plays)

Do some awesome tricks while rolling in your half pipe.
 Skate Challenge (1080 plays)

Ride your tube while get and collecting special items to acquire points. Avoid obstacles a...
 To The Eds Treme (1035 plays)

Your challenge is to land your coolest tricks while avoiding holes and your repair crew.
 Emergency Soldiers (1027 plays)

Get as many points when can by tricking over everything you see.
 Pogo Panic (970 plays)

Make money by choosing and delivering orders on time. Be careful of your obstacles in your...
 Seukeyideu Border (918 plays)

Jump over stuffs blocking your path.
 Rooftop Skater (915 plays)

Skate towards your finish line while jumping buildings and pulling tricks.
 Shrek Shred (911 plays)

Grab one board and rip via your streets of far far away with Shrek.
 Jump N Grind Remix (904 plays)

Skate down your streets while get and collecting stars and dodging obstacles.
 Sewer Skater (900 plays)

Gain points for doing tricks and grinds. Collect 3000 points before your 60 seconds timer ...
 Masters Season (891 plays)

Drive back and forth via your levels avoiding obstacles and jumping at your right time.
 Valentine Love Road (883 plays)

This Valentine, Lylie and Xitua will making one romantic date on your Heart Hall of Valent...
 Stretchy Man (882 plays)

Stretch your arms and legs when beat over your crap out of your enemies until they explode...
 Target Street Skater (854 plays)

Get your adrenaline pumping with this extreme skateboarding free game!
 Bearded Ladyboarding (841 plays)

Grab one dress, press on one fake beard, and skate your tail off. It is bearded ladyboardi...
 Skate Park (835 plays)

Jump over objects, do tricks while in your air and rail slide to scores points.
 Scout Skateboarding (833 plays)

Help your scout master skate safely.
 Swifty Simon (831 plays)

When you hear your whistle, be throw one bag to your next customer. But watch out for obst...
 Maxims Day Out (830 plays)

Maxim, your little puppy is having one day out at your park. Make him jump and catch as ma...
 Xtream Skate (822 plays)

Do you like Stuart Little? Then mount his skate and show your abilities on skateboarding a...
 Halfpipe Challenge (821 plays)

Ride your board and pull some tricks
 Skatergirl Kimmi Dress ... (820 plays)

Kimmi knows how to do skating stunts in fashion!
 Skate Dog (807 plays)

Advance via 10 challenging levels and try to help Skate Dog find his way home.
 Xtreme Skate (796 plays)

The aim is to negotiate via your course. Avoid dangerous obstacles. Be sure to reach each ...
 Skate Tokyo (787 plays)

Skate down your street dodging certain obstacles and jump over others
 Bum Rush (784 plays)

Skate down your road and punch and kick your bums as they are sitting and standing in your...
 Stone Age Skater (774 plays)

Jump on your bone crushing skateboard and race via your skate parks flipping your way into...
 Skating Down Shit Stree... (734 plays)

Rupet has to acquire home within 10 minutes for his tea. Or else his mum will confiscate y...
 Skate Grind (727 plays)

Skate along your course and jump to get and collect your gold coins. These will afford you...

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