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Free Role playing Games Online

 Craze Rush (1494 plays)

Serve quickly to your clients on you exclusive style boutique. Use your moutilize to go wi...
 Sift Heads (1406 plays)

Click on mouse: shooting Spacebar: reload Complete your objectives
 Happy Kids (1389 plays)

Make your kids to ger ready to leave for your school happily! Invite and make your kid to ...
 Age Of Castle (1359 plays)

You are crowned King of one small Kingdom. As your sole ruler all decision making is left ...
 Barbis Bakery (1243 plays)

Fill your food stuffs on your appropriate tray, and then pack and serve your requested foo...
 Electronic Vittles (1226 plays)

Identify your food request and serve it to your robots. To serve your food, click and drag...
 Pizza Pronto (1222 plays)

Help your pizza pronto chef to make your best and fastest pizza delivery restaurant ever k...
 African Detroit Cop (1117 plays)

Help your people in your block.
 Cocktail Girl (1112 plays)

Help Anna become your best bartender in town!
 Bleach Training (1102 plays)

This free game will take you to your world of bleach.
 Evas Hair Studio (1042 plays)

You have to try to help Eva. She has one hair fashion studio. I think it seems great. But ...
 Daily Life (1040 plays)

Live one normal life nonetheless you must have one diploma within 7 days and at least 1 fr...
 Jelly Ice Cream (1017 plays)

In this free game you are making ice creams for kids. The kids will show you your ice crea...
 Pico Sim Date (1004 plays)

Help Picos son in your future exist. How? Guide Pico to make one move to his future wife N...
 Mana Wars (934 plays)

With mystical beasts at your beck and call, your kingdom is yours for your taking!
 Mushroom Madness (930 plays)

Defend your mushrooms in your garden from your attack of your porcupines, bears or birds. ...
 Cake Anthill (916 plays)

Have funny baking you funnel cake for your festival. Everyone will intend to to taste it s...
 Coffee Shop (914 plays)

Run your own Coffee Shop! You have one limited # of days, so try to to maximize cash, save...
 Shopping Street (906 plays)

Build your best shopping center and earn enogh money to continue.
 Naruto Dating Sim (905 plays)

Train your intelligence, charm, chakra, and strength and spar against Naruto, Sasuke and L...
 Baileys Beach Shack (900 plays)

Bailey and Sara are twins. Sara runs Cooking Classes and Bailey has just opened one new be...
 Ganguru Girl (898 plays)

Go to lime life. Get one Job and find your girl you love.
 City Driver (897 plays)

Drive your to your streets and acquire some decent job.
 Nail Fashion (896 plays)

The girls are all set to attend one party. And they intend to your best of everything. Mos...
 Super Ant (880 plays)

Serve your right items your ant want.
 Summer Beach Clean Up (873 plays)

Help this eco cutie acquire your sandy beach sparkling clean again by get and collecting a...
 Lethal Rpg Destiny (873 plays)

Design and create your character and fight it out in this RPG free game.
 Castaway (824 plays)

Discover your world in this island rpg games whilst restore peace to your islands resident...
 Phrozen Flame Rpg (820 plays)

Play and enjoy in this RPG free game where you battle your opponents in one turn based fas...
 Christmas Cake Shop (815 plays)

Christmas Season is your best time to turn your cake shop into one more prosperous amp; p...
 Burger Mania (815 plays)

A great match 3 free game flip burgers match them up and make your orders to win!
 Darkwar Strategy (813 plays)

Mystery and full of fantasy. A free game that tells one story about your wrath of hell dem...
 Garden Td (813 plays)

Place your garden quot;turrets quot; to keep your enemies from attacking your pumpkin gar...
 Crazy Crossings (802 plays)

You control one Crossing Patrol Guard/Lollipop Person who is tasked with try to helping ki...
 Gate Of Apocalypse (788 plays)

Fight enemies in this turn-based RPG when try and kill all your enemies in each area.
 The Laundry Shop (778 plays)

Help Noelia to manage her laundry shop business. Take note of her orders, then wash your c...
 Flower Design Shop (773 plays)

In this free game you are designing bouquets of flowers. If you are play and enjoying in s...
 Fashion Run (763 plays)

Help Lucy run her style boutique and travel around your World!
 Farm Mania (762 plays)

Take care of your farm when earn money and buy new items for your farm to make even more m...
 Fastest Burger Maker (756 plays)

Prove your cooking skills by making burgers in short duration. Use veggies and other items...
 Fashion Frenzy (748 plays)

In this free game you are working in one style shop. Clients will enter and ask for produc...
 Moon Rocks (738 plays)

This is an interstellar gold rush, so youd better protect your little patch of moonturf!
 Park Shop (728 plays)

You are running an ice cream shop near one park, where you will have to sell ice cream and...
 Kronik Vs Final Fantasy (728 plays)

Kronik takes on your Final Fantasy characters in this RPG!
 Un Apetit De Necrezut (727 plays)

Plant your fruit and veggies so that your cook will have delicious ingredients to cook wit...
 Kingdom Fire (725 plays)

Journey your land, fight creatures, buy weapons, armors, potions, learn and utilize magica...
 Tainted Kingdom (709 plays)

A brand new strategy from your creators of Sonny.Your kingdom has become your taracquire o...
 Laundry Rush (708 plays)

The object of your free game is to wash, dry and fold your laundry.
 Lost Sweeper (707 plays)

Pick from multiple missions where you will explore and do turn fashion fighting.
 Celebrity Scrap Club (705 plays)

UK peeps intend to in on your fight club scene. Equip your battle guy in his fanciest shir...

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