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 Bubbles Game (2753 plays)

Eliminate all your bubbles before they reach your bottom of your field. Shoot bubbles at t...
 Alien Bob (2154 plays)

Change gravity to move the character
 Animationsoccerquiz 2 (2112 plays)

In this fun, authentic and addictive soccer / football quiz you almost feel like you are p...
 Pyramid Solitaire (2086 plays)

The Pyramid is a popular solitaire-type game. Remove as many cards from the pyramid as you...
 Dessert Beach Race 2 (1812 plays)

Win the girls heart by showing your skills on the beach, but watch out for danger.
 Cleanup Time (1739 plays)

She is got one messy room. Help her acquire organized! Put scattered items on its right pl...
 Grow Tower (1353 plays)

Stack your objects in your best order so that they intereact with each other to grow talle...
 Claxor Paintball (1294 plays)

Draw line... try to make your ball bounce to your box
 Triple Rotate (1287 plays)

Rotate your connected gems to make triangles of 3. Fill in your entire background on your ...
 Lamp Of Aladdin (1267 plays)

Part hidden object, part match 3 free game. Both with great graphics and innovative free g...
 You Are Lucky (1217 plays)

Use your items in your correct sequence to make your island vary and grow.
 Hidden Objects Garden (1197 plays)

It is your time to utilize your observing skills to discover your hidden objects in your h...
 Dummy Never Fails (1165 plays)

Launch your crash test dummy out of your cannon in this physics free game when touch your ...
 Three Olympic Medals (1158 plays)

Click to move the blocks away which have the sports icons and guide all three medals to th...
 Word Search Game (1156 plays)

Search and find your listed word from your jumbled alphabets. Listed words are in horizont...
 Bricks Breaking (1142 plays)

Click rapid to destory all these bricks which are attached to this brick by the same color...
 Jungle Shooter (1142 plays)

Shoot down one fruity bounty with a little try to help from your pets!
 Chic I Girls (1113 plays)

These cheeky girls are all unique, even if its sometimes in your tiniest specifics!
 Habbo Hotel (1101 plays)

Remember where each furniture was located. The room will be emptied and you will have to p...
 Red Remover (1061 plays)

Your goal is simple:-Remove your red shapes without your green ones falling off your scree...
 Pickies Farm (1055 plays)

Gather much fruits to scores more points.
 Tiles Of The Simpsons (1037 plays)

Click groups of your Simpson icons on your tiles to make them disappear.
 Christmas Letters (1031 plays)

Are you able to find all your letters hidden in this Christmas picture?
 Hidden Objects Study Ro... (1025 plays)

It s your time to utilize your observing skills to discover your hidden objects in Study R...
 Age Of Japan (1021 plays)

Make lines of 3 in this 8 level Japanese themed free game.
 Hidden Objects Store Ro... (1018 plays)

It s your time to utilize your observing skills to discover your hidden objects in your St...
 Seaside Shuffle (1015 plays)

Make one set of same shells by swapping them.
 Food Match (1007 plays)

Match 3 or more icons to scores points
 Ancient Jewels (1005 plays)

Clear your background tiles when align 3 of your same jewels together. Later levels includ...
 Dino Rush (1004 plays)

The cavemans have stole all dino eggs! This free game might look like one simple platform ...
 Love Quest (988 plays)

The objective of your free game consists in forming lines of three identical items.
 Call Of Atlantis (987 plays)

Set out on an interesting new quest around your ancient lands of your Mediterranean in thi...
 Kindergarten (977 plays)

Can you run one kindergarten? Be ready for one baby-driven mission. Manage kindergarten p...
 Personal Shopper (950 plays)

Is shopping your hobby? Help Macy find all of your items and attain her dream of becoming ...
 Deep Voyage (924 plays)

Think you can finish these underwater matching free games before time runs out? Do not hol...
 Cars Hidden Numbers (921 plays)

Find the hidden numbers in the Cars Imgage
 Light It (913 plays)

Try to connect all the lamps wisely to light them with the main battery.
 Diamond Dust (910 plays)

Diamond Dust is one puzzle free game that challenges you to make combinations of at least ...
 Tinkerbell And The Secr... (898 plays)

This is a fun game where based on Thinkerbell, where you will have to find the hidden obje...
 Mana Chronicles (895 plays)

The demons are relentlessly attacking your village, only one powerful summonor can stand u...
 Clever Clover (886 plays)

Click groups of your same colored clovers to make them disappear as levels acquire harder.
 Kit And Ellis (863 plays)

Drag element from assembly belt line to free game field.
 Happy Builder (854 plays)

Use the mouse to place your objects at this Builder contest, you need to show that you are...
 Naos Shanghai (850 plays)

Play and enjoy one great and funny mahjong free game.
 Antar The Difference (842 plays)

This is one puzzle free game. There are two similar pictures. Your goal is to find out whe...
 Bubble Collapse (836 plays)

Shoot your bubbles from your cannon into your same colored groups of bubbles above. Catch ...
 Fish Alphabet (833 plays)

Play this fun game where you have to find the hidden letters in this cool image.
 Tower Of Hanoi (805 plays)

Your object is to move all the disks from the initial column to the third column. The disk...
 Fruit Shop (799 plays)

Match 3 or more of your same fruits before time runs out.
 Ben 10 Hidden Objects (798 plays)

There are three levels. Find all the hidden characters in the popular Ben 10 show. Find al...

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