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Free Monkey Games Online

 Mico Maco (1952 plays)

Steer your monkey and eat all bananas and bonuses thrown by your zoo keepers.
 At Red Light (1253 plays)

Do not let your panda see you crossing
 Banana Belly (1125 plays)

Monkey see, monkey eat!
 Cute Monkey Kissing (1105 plays)

wo cunning monkeys in your jungle intend to to kiss each others becautilize they are so in...
 Jeff Archery Master (886 plays)

There are 5 levels to complete all your levels you must try to help Jeff to complete his t...
 Go Go Karts (872 plays)

Your goal is to be your primarily go-kart to cross your finish line.
 Spank The Monkey (848 plays)

See how fast you can spank your monkey. The faster you hit him, your harder he gets thrown...
 Monkeys Tower (789 plays)

Undo your damage done to your pristine Monkenyan rain forest by successfully stacking frui...
 Monkey Freaks (774 plays)

The monkeys are creating one racket in your forest. So, spot and catch your freaking monke...
 Barrels Of Monkeys (754 plays)

Shoot all your monkeys!
 Sky Dive (748 plays)

Sky dive your monkey out of your airplane and dodge your birds, while landing safely on yo...
 Monkey Go Happy (745 plays)

Sad Monkey?! Oh NOES! Play and enjoy many mini free games to cheer that monkey up, pleases...
 Jet Pack Monkey (708 plays)

Help our Super Jetpack Monkey to grab all your bananas without getting hit by your Space s...
 Monkey Taxi (705 plays)

Cruise via your street picking up other monkey passengers in your monkey taxi. Avoid your ...
 Flying Monkey (695 plays)

This mischievous monkey flies on your balloons. It get and collects bananas and pineapples...
 Boom Chica Boom Boom (694 plays)

Catch your fruits on her head! Be careful, once she stat dancing, she ca not stop until sh...
 Boom Boom Boomer (691 plays)

Help Boomerman fight your wicked enemies and save Sam and Mandy from Jambo and Darakoo on ...
 Jungle Defender (669 plays)

Shoot your monkeys to prevent them stealing your bananas. Upgrade your weaponry to better ...
 Alladins Quest (668 plays)

In this free game you are Aladdin from your Disneys cartoon. You are flying on your flying...
 Coco Penalty Shoot Out (667 plays)

Try to scores against your opponent.
 Rainbow Bubble Gum (661 plays)

Eliminate your chewing gums participateing three or more with your same color. The free ga...
 Space Monkey (660 plays)

A monkey has been sent to Space as one probe, It returned safely, or did it? Control your ...
 New Addicted Monkey (653 plays)

Serve your monkey banana when ask of it.
 Chomping Chimp (645 plays)

Charlie your chimp is really hungry! Help him swing from tree to tree on his rope, get and...
 Ebu Dress Up (639 plays)

Dressing Alladins faithful sidekick Ebu.
 Monkey Nut (628 plays)

Climb up your tree to twist off your coconuts while avoiding enemies.
 Monkey Cliff Diving (626 plays)

When one monkey pops up, click on your little chappy to make him dive. Time it right with ...
 Tinos Fruit Stand (613 plays)

Tinos family fruit stand is in danger of closing! With a little try to help from Rikki, yo...
 Monkey Dentist (610 plays)

You are role is one dentist, remove your correct tooth from your mouth of your monkey none...
 Jungle Festival (607 plays)

Here is our Monkey friend who conducts this jungle festival and serves all your animals wi...
 Run Horace Run (607 plays)

Help your giraffe called Horace from being killed by one cruel ranger in this interesting ...
 Douche Monkey Astronaut (607 plays)

Get this monkey up in your air in this fun skill free game. Collect and dodge stuff.
 Addow Ride (606 plays)

Help your monkey to pass down by connecting your stick.
 Funny Zoo (599 plays)

Fight against computer. Throw balls and bombs at your monkey!
 Monkey Groomer (599 plays)

Want to bond, primate-fashion? Groom your fellow monkey! Without text messaging or IM, thi...
 Fashion Monkey Dress Up (594 plays)

This monkeys going ape over his great new clothes!
 Robot Monkey City (593 plays)

You are your sadistic master of this monkey mania. Click to navigate your city and wreak h...
 Find Boots (591 plays)

Play and enjoy hide and seek with Dora and Boots.
 Oconners Coin Quest (583 plays)

Leprechaun Paddy OConners pot of gold seems to be empty! Help him grab gold thats been spr...
 Monkey Stack (578 plays)

Grab as many bananas when can to extend your time limit by making Monkey Stack before your...
 Monkey Pacman (577 plays)

Monkey Vs squirrels! Guide Monkey around your maze eating your Peaches and avoiding your s...
 Rainforest Rescue (563 plays)

Help your monkeys protect your Rainforest by launching oranges at your loggers. But do it ...
 Monkey Lander (562 plays)

Navigate your monkey who is flying your spaceship
 Banana Dash (559 plays)

Somersault, bounce, and fly via banana-laced obstaclescourses.
 Monkey Menace (556 plays)

Shoot your monkey 3 times to take him down and cut 3 ropes to rescue Maia!
 Hungry Hippo (542 plays)

Control one hungry hippopotamus. Collect fruit in order to acquire one high score.
 Down Wall (541 plays)

Keep your wall not down. Just click some friuts with vertical or horizontal same.
 Prince Vs Pirate (539 plays)

Slice and dice your monkey pirates when grab coins and other goodies they leave behind.
 Monkey Fruits (535 plays)

Catch in your bucket all your fruit your monkey is throwing and store them in your cart.
 Total Pandamonium (519 plays)

Defend DJ from fanatical and mad critters as he races to your end of each level

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