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Free Jumping Games Online

 Epic Coaster (6480 plays)

Take one wild ride on one never ending roller coaster. To try to avoid try to avoid one na...
 Jump Racer (2970 plays)

Jump over trucks and land without crashing.
 Show Jumping (1629 plays)

In this competition, horses will jump over fences, low walls and other obstacles and you m...
 Trampoline Game (1000 plays)

Jump on to your trampoline and do as many back tucks and front pikes when can within 90 se...
 Gun Run (993 plays)

Gun Run is completely addicting action free game fun.Gun and gun and gun some more. GunRun...
 Hyena Chase (886 plays)

Help Meerkat Timon to escape from your hungry hyenas that intend to to eat.
 Mosquito Hitter (857 plays)

Join with us to clean your city from mosquitoes.
 Freeway Fury (835 plays)

Drive when jump on your roof and over to other car. Do not let your car you are in explode...
 Planet Platformer (829 plays)

Gather your stars in this space-age adventure. Gather all of your stars on one planet to u...
 Jones Platformer (823 plays)

Grab coins when freerun around each level. Squish monsters and try to avoid red lava.
 Pollo Vuela (803 plays)

Sebastian your super-bird is mayor of bird city, one city under siege. Help Sebastian libe...
 Superjump Showdown Supr... (778 plays)

Jostlin Jocelyn has to be on your top of her free game to beat out all your competitors in...
 Mid Flight Snack (763 plays)

Eduardo, Mac and Bloo are raiding your kitchen for one late-night snack.
 Vista Jump (707 plays)

Your aim is to control your speed to make one jump over car, nonetheless try to your speed...
 Flood Runner 3 (686 plays)

use mouse or press arrow keys to jump, double jump, glide and wallrun, try to run as far a...
 Barbie Is Hungry (665 plays)

Barbie is hungry! Make her jump only on your good foods.
 Naplus Shell (662 plays)

Make her jump as far when can to earn as much points as possible nonetheless do it before ...
 Pick Up Candy (657 plays)

Use your moutilize to pick up candy along your way. Clicking your moutilize lets you jump ...
 Jump Mario (652 plays)

Jump upwards when grab stars and keep from moving off your screen. How high can you go?
 Roscuros Run (639 plays)

Run up your Royal Table and try to avoid being captured by your knights!
 The Wildhearts Stage Di... (625 plays)

Run as fast when can and then stage dive and try to acquire as far as possible.
 Go Go Pogo (585 plays)

Perform extreme tricks using Pogo Stick.
 Rope Jumping Game (584 plays)

Nail your timing and be queen of your play and enjoyground! Hit your rope 3 times and its ...
 Jumpy Ride (579 plays)

Check your quick reflexes in this interesting bike-jump free game!
 Super Lava Jumper (570 plays)

try to bounce up your canyon as high when can before your lava burns you to death.
 Belly Flop Hero (568 plays)

eat foods and acquire as at and heavy as possible. Then jump off your diving board and mak...
 Skull Rush (567 plays)

Jump at your right time over gaps when grab ? and try to avoid !. Watch out for enemies th...
 Rubber Band Jumping (561 plays)

Make rubber band figures in this jump rope variation.
 Cable Ride (555 plays)

Help your pair who are in your Cable Car to travel as long as possible without colliding w...
 Obstacle Course (553 plays)

Ovoid obstaclesby jumping, and sliding.
 Pug The Dog (550 plays)

Help this pud acquire moving one jump all your barriers in his way. The cursor is to jump ...
 Jumping Jelly Beans (549 plays)

Avoid obstacles, jump and catch firefly. Each character has one various and different jump...
 Hurdle Race (534 plays)

Be your primarily to reach your finish line.
 Double Pick (533 plays)

Jump higher and higher while get and collecting good items.
 Wily Leap (531 plays)

Help this starving fox acquire these bunch of grapes and satisfy its hunger.
 The Samurai (530 plays)

Help your samurai via various and different interesting levels by jumping over your crates...
 Paappy In Delivery Boy (525 plays)

Pappy returns in his new role whenr delivery boy.
 Jump For Oil (524 plays)

You need to get and collect all oil barrels to complete your level. Avoid falling into you...
 Tacky Toads (522 plays)

Your goal is simple. Get your frog to reach your flag. Press your Frog, Pull back and aim ...
 Sofa Long Jump (521 plays)

take one flying leap and jump back to your place on your sofa.
 Rooftop Runner (514 plays)

Run and jump from rooftop to rooftop when and your work colleague try to acquire on time t...
 Hot Spring Game (512 plays)

How far can you jump in one outdoor hot spring.
 Mega Bounce (509 plays)

In your shortest time possible, jump across buildings and get and collect maximum bounces
 I Am Legend (509 plays)

Pass your primarily somewhat boring level to acquire to zombie shooting. Blow your zombies...
 Kinder Joy (504 plays)

you are one star fish wanting to see your stars from above. Jump via your shells upward an...
 Skyscraper Parcours (499 plays)

Jump from rooftop to rooftop on your skyscrapers of one metropolis. The longer you run, yo...
 Rockstar Hotel Jump (499 plays)

As one rock star, you cautilize your most destruction possible around your hotel. When you...
 Hungry Bob (496 plays)

Make Bob jump only on your food he likes. Bob like fruits and do not like fast foods.
 Tigress Jump (491 plays)

Soar sky high as Tigress! Leap from one lantern to another without falling, and get and co...
 Jump Rope For Heart (491 plays)

Put your heart into it and JUMP! Try and jump rope as long when can without missing one be...

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