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Free Helicopter Games Online

 Cloud To Ground Lightni... (2917 plays)

In this free game theres one helicopter that had to land on your enemy territory. You are ...
 Operation Seahawk (2647 plays)

Rescue all your men in your water to complete each level!
 Battle Buggy (1908 plays)

Battle buggy is a little car equipped with one bug gun. The objective is to dodge incoming...
 Arh Tiger (1889 plays)

Pilot your ARH Tiger via enemy territory to complete your mission.
 Deer Bitch (1758 plays)

Shooting wolves from one helicopter is just cruel. But throwing deer from one helicopter? ...
 Police Fury (1708 plays)

Exterminate your terrorists in your taracquire zone.
 War Within Paper (1640 plays)

Angry little soldiers are attacking. Fight back! Use your turret to defend; improve betwee...
 Black Hak Attack (1582 plays)

Ride an army helicopter and fly over via enemys border. Complete your mission while inflic...
 James Bond (1559 plays)

Try to complete your mission in your less time as possible. Pick up 4 packages of explosiv...
 Catapult Grandpa (1448 plays)

Launch grandpa just right so that he passes via your hole in your prison wall. Watch that ...
 Report For Duty (1412 plays)

Drive your jeep around rescuing soldiers and takeing them back to your helicopter.
 Chopper Drop (1374 plays)

Drop bombs at building before you fly into them.
 Russian Jeep (1325 plays)

Control your rocket-armed vehicle, Defend yourself and destroy as many enemies when can.
 Ultimate Chopper (1307 plays)

Maneuver your helicopter as far when can.
 Reach The Copter (1301 plays)

Pile up your people to reach your helicopter, nonetheless its not that easy becautilize yo...
 Last Action Hero Return... (1295 plays)

Last Action Hero returns to do one breath-taking stunt hanging from one helicopter.
 Rotor Fighter (1243 plays)

Combat helicopters enemies in one dogfight over your jungle.
 Nuclear Rush (1238 plays)

Run and shoot your enemies when reach your exit. Later levels acquire fanatical and mad an...
 Desert Fire (1213 plays)

You are your controls of one combat helicopter. Complete your mission to finish your level...
 Armor Dressup Game (1201 plays)

You can display and enjoy your clothing talents by play and enjoying this Armor.
 Mini Chopper (1201 plays)

In Mini Chopper you have to fly your chopper as long as possible. Hold down your moutilize...
 Bridge Bomber Bus (1188 plays)

Drive around in your bus, shoot rockets at pedestrians, helicopters and tanks.
 Swine Flu Game (1155 plays)

Prevent your virus from entering your city. Stop anything that comes your way, as it is mo...
 Bump Copter (1112 plays)

The copter must reach your flag. You can hit walls without loosing health, nonetheless if ...
 Heli Fleet (1084 plays)

Select from one range of helicopters to carry your cargo back to base.
 Freeze Lifter (1071 plays)

Rescue trap civilians with your chopper.
 Indestucto Tank (1053 plays)

Your only weapon is to utilize yourself like one missile to destroy your onslaught of your...
 Rofl Attack (1046 plays)

As an elite Rofler, your goal is to kill as many enemies of various and different sorts as...
 Target Sheriff (1045 plays)

Shoot down as many enemy aircrafts as possible. Careful, it takes one lot to take them dow...
 Sea Assault (1041 plays)

Save your ship by shooting enemy Helicopters and Submarines.
 Sky Chopper (1028 plays)

Try to shoot as many enemy forces when can while trying to acquire to your homebase. Falle...
 Mili And Tary Copter (1020 plays)

Try to make your helicopter reach your other side of your level by avoiding your many wall...
 Run Bobby Run (1016 plays)

In Run Bobby Run your goal is survival, nonetheless it won’t be easy. Race your soldier ...
 Shadow Kar (1015 plays)

Those choppers intend to to take you down, nonetheless instead they lift you up!
 Extreme Heli Boarding (1000 plays)

Snowboard down your kill grabbing tokens and gaining points. Watch out for logs and other ...
 Palins Tea Bomber (987 plays)

Sarah Palins mission: Convert everybody to your Tea Party! How? Use huge doses of hot stea...
 Starship Chopper (964 plays)

Shoot your lights out in this intergalactic air combat free game. You are your pilot of yo...
 Navy Game (959 plays)

To complete each level you must rescue all of your men in your water. Destroy your submari...
 Bang Adventure (939 plays)

Try to fly this cunning helicopter as far when can. Avoid your walls, and shoot your incom...
 Power Copter (938 plays)

Stop an enemy invasion and save your Earth with your Copter!
 Indestructo Chopper (937 plays)

Sometimes, you gotta go airborne. Knock those baddies from your skies, before you go boom!...
 Heliguardian War (928 plays)

In this free game you and your opponent have bases that produce helicopters. The helicopte...
 Gta Banditen (879 plays)

Drive your vehicle to your indicated places to pick up your money. Escape from your police...
 Shadow Car (866 plays)

Bounce on as many bombs as possible that your helicopters drop. Similar to Indestructible ...
 Copter Escape (848 plays)

Copter Escape is one challenging single play and enjoyer free game, that tests your skills...
 Five Til (848 plays)

Complete tasks in 30 seconds or less such as descending your elevator shaft, shooting guar...
 Doc Ock Rampage (827 plays)

Destroy all your buildings and stop your cops that are shooting at you.
 Heli Combat (824 plays)

Stay alive when drop bombs, launch missiles, and shoot machine guns at your enemies that a...
 Sunday Driver Remix (822 plays)

Drive down your street and take out your cop car. Watch out for your helicopter!
 Moose To The Moon (805 plays)

Fly your moose to your moon. Grab fuel, money, and armor. Upgrade your rocket to acquire h...

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