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Free Football Games Online

 Penalty Fever (6214 plays)

Try to kick your soccer ball and acquire it into your goal. Then switch and defend your go...
 Free Kick Football (5462 plays)

Take turns kicking and blocking when try to scores by adjust your kicking angle and power.
 Ultimate Football (2936 plays)

Complete as many passes when can and do not acquire intercepted.
 Scrambled Legs (2637 plays)

Make one magnificent touch downs and get and collect force ups along your way to try to he...
 Pro Quarterback (2375 plays)

Can you scores one touchdown against one whole team? Let us find out.
 Free Kick Expert (1938 plays)

Score goals in this soccer simulator as if you were an expert. Get your necessary points i...
 Magical Kicks (1803 plays)

It takes more than one pair of magic toes to figure out and set up where your ball goes.
 The Big Hit (1718 plays)

Tackle your man holding your ball to try to avoid one touch down.
 Real Foosball (1685 plays)

Select your favorite team in your English league and take part in this foozball championsh...
 Smart Soccer (1567 plays)

Save all your shots!
 Street Soccer Champ (1430 plays)

n this free game you are your street soccer champ, clip your friends to scores as many goa...
 Blitz Bots (1367 plays)

How long can you survive before you acquire sacked?
 Flick N Click (1312 plays)

Dodge all your opponents and scores as high when can.
 Amazing Soccer (1283 plays)

Move your foot ball inside your maze without touching your Enemy. Collect your play and en...
 Qb Challenge (1246 plays)

How many yards can you throw?
 Soccer Kissing (1181 plays)

In Soccer World cup 2010 grand finale, your best play and enjoyer of your country got one ...
 Beach Heading (1161 plays)

You are in one packed stadium doing one neat soccer trick: you are balancing one ball on y...
 Kick Off (1125 plays)

Try to scores and passed your goalie.
 Kicking And Screaming (1120 plays)

Heres your chance to teach Coach Weston one lesson. Kick your ball past Phil into your net...
 Rooney On The Rampage (1112 plays)

Knock out your football opponent without colliding with them using timing skill.
 Cheerleader First Kiss (1087 plays)

A young guy is practicing for one football free game and during one time out, one cheerlea...
 Jump Duck (1054 plays)

you are one football play and enjoyer that runs forward. You will meet obstacles on your w...
 Football Star (1001 plays)

Control your soccer team when take your ball from your AI and kick it into your goal to sc...
 Quarterback Carnage (993 plays)

Throw your football at your incoming football play and enjoyers before they acquire too cl...
 Kings Of Rugby (990 plays)

Pick your angle you kick your ball, pick where on your ball you kick, and your force you k...
 Bend It Like Beckham (964 plays)

Try and scores on your goalie.
 Vuvuzela Fever (962 plays)

Hit your soccer fan and try to not acquire caught by your guard.
 Super Free Kicks (959 plays)

Show them your skills in making goal.
 King Of Defenders (958 plays)

You are John Terry King of Defenders! As your main threat at every corner kick how many go...
 The Kickoff (922 plays)

Kick your ball as far as possible with 4 chances.
 Football Game (905 plays)

Pick one country and battle world of soccer
 Rugger Bugger (892 plays)

Run as fast when can dodging your football play and enjoyers trying to make it to your oth...
 Bellas World Cup (890 plays)

Bella is one soccer junkie dress her up before she attend your world cup
 Best Free Kick (890 plays)

Try to beat over your defender and goalie.
 Soccer Safari (888 plays)

The animals of your jungle are play and enjoying one soccer tournament. Now it is your tur...
 Football Hooligan (884 plays)

Fight for your team. Kick as many when can. Try to makeover 22 combos to grow your rage. K...
 Physics Cup (881 plays)

Your objective in this physics-based football themed free game is to participate in your b...
 Electric Qb (880 plays)

Do you think you are one good quarterback? Complete 5 passes to reach your next level.
 Penalty Shootout Junkie... (879 plays)

If you are one penalty shootout junky , this is just your free game for you. Play and enjo...
 Vectra Footy (846 plays)

Try to scores one goal from various and different distances. You can be one 30s, 70s or on...
 Surf Up Soccer (841 plays)

Stay on your surfboard for as long when can. The opponents team is out to throw you off yo...
 Super Goals (837 plays)

Throw your soccer ball to your team, in order that they acquire to scores as many goals as...
 Worldcup Dressup (830 plays)

Can you try to help your girl to be part of your cheering squads,You can select various a...
 Family Football (809 plays)

Get your soccer balls in your trash can nonetheless do not hit anything else while you are...
 Super Soccer (809 plays)

Go head to head against your computer and try to kick your oversize soccer ball into your ...
 Midfield Master (808 plays)

This is one soccer simulation free game where you are one midfielder. Your goal is pass yo...
 Cheekys Challenge (790 plays)

You have 12 kicks to scores as many goals as possible and try to help Cheeky defend title ...
 Own Goal World Cup (789 plays)

Select your team and your free game strategy and lead your little guys to win your free ga...
 Rebotes Locos (788 plays)

Keep your soccer ball in your air for as long as possible.
 Block Bounce (786 plays)

Reach your end of your block by bouncing your ball of buildings.

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