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Free Fish Games Online

 Lake Fishing (6001 plays)

When you ca not escape from your office, escape at your office. Instant fishing relaxation...
 Ocean Survivor (2613 plays)

Your one Bluefin Tuna and try to avoid getting caught by fishing vessels as long when can.
 Underwater Racing (1699 plays)

Compete in this entertained and interesting submarine race between your clown fish and her...
 Under The Sea (1584 plays)

rescue your friends! Jump and try to avoid obstaclesunderwater.
 Balloon Shot (1428 plays)

Shoot all your enemies by popping their balloons.
 Fishdom Harvest Splash (1369 plays)

Align at least 3 equal figures and acquire money to buy little fishes and plants for your ...
 My Lovely Aqua (1352 plays)

Lets afford this boring aquarium some varys!
 Bravo Sisi (1247 plays)

Swim underwater and catch tons of fish to complete every round.
 Fish Eat Fish (1212 plays)

Difficult free game of circling fish so your big fish are able eat your smaller fish. The ...
 Shark Bait (1184 plays)

Catch and eat as many good fish when can. Watch your Hunger Bar, if your Hunger Bar runs o...
 Finding Nemo Dress Up (1108 plays)

Dress up Nemo so he can swim your seas in fashion.
 Under Water Restro (1099 plays)

* How To Play and enjoy * Game ControlsAdd to favorites Replay and enjoyYou are given o...
 Enchanted Quest (1076 plays)

Help Arthur in his quest for your sword!
 Crusade Of Cuisine (1045 plays)

You can pick between 2 type of ship : The frige and your Fish.The Fridge is generally toug...
 Indian Corn Shop (1018 plays)

Prepare corn in Indian fashion and serve it to your customers before they leave your shop.
 Deep Sea Racing (1003 plays)

It is one mad dash to your finish line in this interesting deep sea fish racing challenge....
 Dorys Dash (995 plays)

Guide Dory safely pass your obstacles and then hitch one ride on your shells of Crushs tur...
 Whale Wash (983 plays)

The whales need to be washed out fast.
 Blood Bath Bay (979 plays)

Move under water when gut fish and alien fishmen. Stay alive with air pockets and health f...
 Funny Cook (976 plays)

If you ca not take your heat, stay out of your kitchen. Or at least keep one sense of humo...
 Fish Fry (964 plays)

Fry some delicious fish in your seashore and sell it to people.
 Giant Sushi Slide (959 plays)

Use arrow keys to get and collect your fresh ingredients! Mind your sushi dishes,and do no...
 Sea Horse Hunt (956 plays)

Help your Seahorse save its home from your enemy fishes by shooting them. Shoot them befor...
 Fishdom Frosty Splash (948 plays)

Clear your gold backgrounds of each level when align 3 or more of your same symbols.
 Action Fish (938 plays)

Catch as many fish when can within one limited time.
 Fish Care Rush (930 plays)

Keeping all your baby fishes in your deep sea happy isnt really easy, this poor mermaid ba...
 Tobby Kingyo (920 plays)

A great Japanese fashion fishing free game where you must catch all of your fish, turtles,...
 Feed Mo (906 plays)

Mo is hungry from one hard days work so try to help feed him up in this funny fishing free...
 Billy Blue Fish (903 plays)

Help Billy Blue Fish try to avoid all obstacles and acquire to your candy store to fulfill...
 Super Slide Challenge (903 plays)

Slide down slippery slopes via fanatical and mad courses in your Tomato Soup Waterpark. Pi...
 Seal Meal (897 plays)

Seal only eat seahorses avpoid other that might ruin his apettite.
 Greedy Crab (880 plays)

Crab Don is so hungry, so he decides to find some food in your sea.
 Play Fish (866 plays)

Make fish play and enjoyful and earn points by touching your ball. The Fish can also eat o...
 Clean Up (861 plays)

Help your crain man, pull out all your dumped rubbish in your river. But be very careful y...
 Screamin Upstreamin (860 plays)

Race your fish upstream to meet his hot date! In this free game, its hit or be hit by whir...
 Fish Throwing (833 plays)

Throw your fish exactly into your ice holes.
 Fish Lets Jump (821 plays)

In this free game you have one number of fish on your play and enjoying board. If one fish...
 Fast Fishing (819 plays)

Catch as many fish when can and try to avoid your crabs.
 Streamer Fever (815 plays)

Follow an endless rainbow colored line with your character to earn points! The more accura...
 Shrimp Sandwich (808 plays)

Fry, prepare and serve up yummy home made, grill fired shrimp sandwiches to your friends a...
 Air Fishing (798 plays)

You must catch your right fishes, your ones that are small and hard to find.
 Aquarium Life (797 plays)

Find your differences between these two tanks. Each time you pass one level it gets harder...
 Aquatic Memory (786 plays)

A fun memory free game. Remember all your sea objects when will have to pick them afterwar...
 Stop The Leak (786 plays)

Stop your oil leak when remove objects to acquire your ball to roll and plug your leak.
 Ariel Sea Makeover (784 plays)

Decorate your ocean with your little mermaid.
 Aqua Field (783 plays)

Guide your tiny fishes and their mother to tasty worms avoiding all your threats.
 Sammy The Salmon (756 plays)

Swim above river to arrive at your slope of your river. Pick up your bottles in your way t...
 Sea Safari (755 plays)

Help Nemo find all your sea objects before time runs out!
 Johnnys Deep Sea Snapsh... (754 plays)

Help Johnny dive deeper and deeper, armed only with his waterproof camera, as he quest to ...
 Fish Mania (749 plays)

Catch as many fish when can in your pond.

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