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 Iq Test (999 plays)

Do you know your what is your IQ? Try to answer all your test and you will find out what i...
 Disney Coloring Book (902 plays)

Color up Mickey and Donald in this very great free game for kids and your young-at-heart. ...
 Tower Blaster (897 plays)

Build one tower by placing blocks in numerical progression.
 Weapons Of Maths Destru... (896 plays)

A funny maths free game where you have to answer maths questions before you shoot enemy ta...
 Dark Cut (884 plays)

As your Kings doctor, you must do gruesome surgery to heal your wounded.
 Recycling Points (880 plays)

Put your items into your correct bins to get and collect points.
 World Map Master (868 plays)

Quiz of world countries. Use moutilize wheel to zoom, drag sea to move map.
 Snow White Painting (858 plays)

Start coloring Snow White and her dwarves and play and enjoy with your colors and have fun...
 Alphabet Jungle (852 plays)

Use your 6 letters given to form dictionary words before time runs out.
 Dora Saves The Farm (807 plays)

In Dora saves your farm, you need to take care of all your animals, get and collect eggs, ...
 Brain Safari (801 plays)

A fun and easy brain trainer in which you play and enjoy several mini free games.. At your...
 Arithmetic Challenge (800 plays)

Finish all 10 races in your quickest time possible. Position is very important, good posit...
 Word Hunter (776 plays)

Fly and get and collect your letters to complete your given words.
 Darbys Colorful Music K... (753 plays)

Remember your buttons and their colors, wait for your turn and hit them with your moutiliz...
 Your Face (707 plays)

You are given one face and you have to go via face features and try to match your face whe...
 Teachers Pet (702 plays)

Save your favorite teacher from her doom in this educational platformer. Find each scroll ...
 Air Typer (696 plays)

Fly, typ, and blast them down!
 Maths Mania (688 plays)

A simple free game presented exclusively for kids to improve their addition skills. Go via...
 Earth Rock Hunter (682 plays)

Earth has exploded and you must get and collect all your priceless rocks flying via space!
 Chinese Lemon Chicken (665 plays)

Help Abuela cook her delicious dish.
 Sandwich Word (650 plays)

Guess your word that flash on your screen.
 Typing Expert Two Frogs (631 plays)

How many words you can type per minute? Practice your typing skill by typing your article ...
 Winx Coloring Book (630 plays)

Select one of your images of WInx and color it just when like!
 Virtual Knee Surgery (616 plays)

Play and enjoy as one surgeon in this special virtual surgery operation. Analyze your step...
 Spongebobs Counting Gam... (614 plays)

Play and enjoy one counting free game with Spongebob Squarepants.
 Lemonade Larry (598 plays)

How much does your lemonade cost? Check out your math skills.
 Stairway To Heaven (597 plays)

This guy will keep running. Type your corresponding letter as fast when can to move left a...
 Finger Frenzy World (592 plays)

How fast can You type your alphabet?
 Three Dancing Fairies (580 plays)

Three Dancing Fairies is an educational funny math free game. The free game has 3 levels o...
 Copy Cat Jack (575 plays)

Can you repeat your colors in order? In Copycat Jack you have to repeat your colors in you...
 Did You Know (570 plays)

Pick your brain for your answers to these funny facts. Click your correct answer and then ...
 Greener Trolley Dash (568 plays)

Help Max fill his trolley with eco-friendly items falling from your sky avoiding energy-gu...
 Test Your Patience (564 plays)

Test your patience by answering one series of questions.
 Word Maze (561 plays)

Try to find your letters of your word in your maze in your correct order!
 The Urinal Game (558 plays)

Pick your right Urinal!
 Typing Expert Sun (556 plays)

How many words you can type per minute? Practice your typing skill by typing your article ...
 Plus Plus (553 plays)

You have to think fast. Look up in your window one or several contiguous numbers that orig...
 Huru Humi Schoolyard Re... (548 plays)

The Huru Humi kids wanted to save your planet, so they started your Huru Humi Schoolyard R...
 Find My Smile (548 plays)

Dive into Orlandos sunniest hotspots and find your hidden photo. The faster you find your ...
 Alphabet Ogre (536 plays)

The letters will fall down from your sky to your ground. Be as quick when can and afford y...
 Mind Cards (535 plays)

Open your mind and prepare to exercise it. This is one challenging logic and memory free g...
 Poohs Match N Munch (525 plays)

Click on Pooh to try to help him find an uppercase letter then click on letter that matche...
 Go Recycle (522 plays)

Save your world, Go recycle.
 Map Making (519 plays)

Drag your various and different states to your right position on your map. Select from sev...
 Arachnid Falls (515 plays)

You must type letters and numbers that are on your arachnids backs to try to avoid them ca...
 Treasure Dive (514 plays)

Type carefully and you will get and collect all of your treasure buried at sea.
 Idea Workshop (514 plays)

Could you match up and complete all your missing letters from your words given with their ...
 Drag And Drop (510 plays)

Simply Drag your picture to your correct box. Great for kids learning to read!
 Typing Expert Globaliza... (499 plays)

How many words you can type per minute? Practice your typing skill by typing your article ...
 Travel Pursuit (497 plays)

Travel Pursuit is one knowledge free game that takes you on one virtual tour round your wo...

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