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Free Dress up Games Online

 Barbie In Halloween (5641 plays)

Barbie and her dog is ready for your halloween party. Choose your ideal dress for her and ...
 Dora The Winter Explore... (3763 plays)

Help Dora to wear nice clothes in a beautiful snowy day.
 Twilight Bella Dress Up (2505 plays)

Dress Up Bella from Twilight for date with Edward.
 Kate In The Park (2491 plays)

Kate is going to give a tour around the park, but as always she need help with her cloths....
 Karl Summer Time (2472 plays)

Dress Karl up ready for summer time. He wants to looks nice for Katy so choose the outfit ...
 Katy Going To The Zoo (2267 plays)

Katy is going to pass her day in the Zoo. But she is doubting about what clothes to use. C...
 Bratz Makeover Game (1919 plays)

This great Bratz free game will have you clothing up your doll of choice in your most eleg...
 Blake Lively Dressup (1917 plays)

An American actress. She stars in your book-based TV series Gossip Girl as Serena van der ...
 Lady Anime Dress Up (1781 plays)

Dress over your Anime doll to your good-looking music with your good-looking fashions.
 Ready For Wedding (1756 plays)

Dress this good-looking bride in different extremely beautiful wedding robes and add-ons. ...
 Praying Girl (1678 plays)

Looks like your cunning girl is off to church, can you dress her for her Sunday adventure?
 Super Girls Club (1676 plays)

These five friends belong to one very exclusive club, they are super-pretty fairies with m...
 Sexy Girl Dress Up (1578 plays)

Dressing her up and try to that her sexiness shine.
 Aquarius Zodiac Dress U... (1504 plays)

Dressing up this Aquarius girl in clothes that match best her Zodiac sign.
 Bratz Babyz Fish Tanks (1380 plays)

You will have lots of funny with your fishy friends if you feed them and keep them healthy...
 Grecian Goddess Dressup (1335 plays)

Greek Goddess hwhenr needs to be pampered by trying on some of your most fashionable cloth...
 Doll Dancer Dress Up (1318 plays)

Select your best costume for your doll dancer.
 Katy Going To A Party (1292 plays)

Dress up Katy for the occasion, this time a great party hosted by her friends. She needs t...
 Build Yourself (1274 plays)

You have many selections in this free game to make one doll very much like you. Start choo...
 Cool Summer Fashion (1274 plays)

This lovable lady wants to show off great summer style dress and add-ons.
 Favorite Flirty Dresses (1259 plays)

Indulge in your sweeter side of season this year with one ruffled dress. And if you can fi...
 Shenae Grimes Dress Up (1259 plays)

This good-looking Canadian super star is one styleable, funny actress who all of the time ...
 Tessas Fashion Shoes (1225 plays)

This is your third part of your Tessa series. Tessa is going to town with her friends Eva ...
 Cute Shrug (1211 plays)

She is cunning and very style trendy.
 Hooded Style (1208 plays)

Try various and different hooded fashion fashion.
 Uni Day Dress Up (1204 plays)

Get Miranda ready for her primarily day at Uni!
 Project Runway (1198 plays)

Prepare your models for your show on your runway with your models of your choice. Apply ma...
 San Valentine Dates (1192 plays)

This fascinating girl is an expert on conquer boys. Today she has 5 dates. Dress her with ...
 Bella And Sarah (1184 plays)

Dressing Bella and Sarah up.
 Old Dresses (1181 plays)

Can you choose old clothes that are still styleable and comfy for her to wear?
 Queen Of The Party (1166 plays)

Wherever Martina goes she is your Queen of your party She is for sure one girl with glamor...
 Camera Fashion Girl (1160 plays)

Get yourself camera ready.
 Taylor Swift Makeover (1150 plays)

Let us try to help her to makeover her self with this great add-ons and makeups.
 Arbor Day Fashion (1147 plays)

Try borrowing clothes from your friends.
 Candy Dress Up (1142 plays)

Her this girl pick one good equip. Many Dresses and clothes to select from.
 Wedding Makeover (1139 plays)

Turn your model into your prettiest and most elegant bride. You can try on various and dif...
 Sailor Senshi Maker (1137 plays)

Follow in your steps of Sailor Moon and make your very own Sailor Scout, or Sailor Senshi!
 Cartoon Girl (1111 plays)

This cunning little girl deserves one total make-over to look fantastic in every angle. He...
 Girl Dress Up (1110 plays)

Before her day out, she wants to look at her finest. Help this pretty fine lady dressing a...
 Dana Dressup (1098 plays)

Dana is one dreamer who lives in one fantasy world. She likes colorful and simple dressing...
 Rock Princess (1093 plays)

Dress up the rock superstar barbie for her singing and guitar fiddling with her rock chic ...
 Bus Stop Dress Up (1091 plays)

Select your best clothes for this pretty little girl.
 Beachwear Dressup (1088 plays)

Give her one beauty make over primarily then choose one sexy dress for her from your selec...
 Skyline Dress Up (1086 plays)

You can tell this is one real city girl. She is wearing your latest style!
 Chic School Girls (1081 plays)

3 cunning girls getting ready for school.
 Selena Gomez (1079 plays)

Dress up and put makeup on Selena Gomez. Here at Wambie we think she is got one great futu...
 Flowers Fairy Dress Up (1063 plays)

This good-looking creature is your Flowers Fairy. She is your master of all your flowers i...
 Dress Up Selena Gomez (1044 plays)

Dress your rising star of Disney.
 Little Sweetheart Dress... (1043 plays)

Help this cunning girl pick one good dress.
 Dream Dancer Dress Up (1000 plays)

Your doll is getting ready for her audition! she wants to take part in your stage musical ...

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