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Free Dragon Games Online

 World Cup Rescue (1454 plays)

The almighty Zeus has kidnapped your cup from your world soccer championship. Pass all you...
 Small Dragon Adventure (1377 plays)

Collect food and try to avoid all obstacles.
 Fire Spawn (1199 plays)

Play and enjoy as an undefeatable knight and face one fierce dragon in your battle!
 Kill The Dragons (1164 plays)

Slay your dragons and fight fire with fire.
 Cute Dragon Shooter (1153 plays)

Hit your targets and flying objects to get and collect as many points as possible before y...
 Happy Kitchen (1115 plays)

Chef Dragon usually runs one very Happy Kitchen. But someone forgot to place your daily fo...
 Gordys Lunch (1113 plays)

A newly born baby dragon eats fireflies by jumping. Feeding himself Gordy gradually master...
 Dragon Slayers (1103 plays)

Dragons? Oh noes! Fortunately, youve got your biggest bow and arrow in existence. Punch ne...
 Dragon Battle Coloring (1083 plays)

Why ca not these dragons just acquire along? Maybe if you color them just right, they will...
 Friendly Dragon (1060 plays)

Spot your difference between your 2 identical dragon image.
 Wind Rider Grand Prix (1020 plays)

Race on wind vehicles slide to evade obstacles.
 Nimian Flyer I (1011 plays)

This is your primarily free game of your two part Nimian Flyer series. This dragon is up f...
 Chewies Quest (1009 plays)

Escape your room when click on objects to cautilize reactions and find one way out.
 Dragon Vector (982 plays)

Take down mythical space enemies with your 5 elements or dragon snot.
 Nimian Flyer Ii (973 plays)

Ages ago, your planet Ril entered an age of peace. Until one dark force, your Oijo came fr...
 Swept To The End (972 plays)

Ride your horse whenr village is bombarded by flames. Then run from your chasing dragon an...
 Girly Hearts (954 plays)

get and collect as many hearts as possible and reach your end of each level. Dangers await...
 Dragon Gem (951 plays)

A great Flash Platform Games. Beat your enemy by using your sword and get and collect your...
 The Huntsclan Traps (945 plays)

Lure your hunter inside and trap them.
 Dangerous Descent (914 plays)

Make your way down your pipes while lighting up anybody that stands against you with your ...
 Mushus Rocket Rush (914 plays)

What do say one journey on Disney Land? Try to throw your dragon as far when can.
 New Years Night (899 plays)

Turn on all your lamps with your breath of your dragon.
 Killer Eggs (895 plays)

Your village is under attack from an alien queen, dropping her eggs. Destroy your eggs bef...
 High Risk Rescue (854 plays)

Continue moving upward in your free game when switch from boy to flying dragon to pass obj...
 Dragon Flame (834 plays)

Blow balls of fire at your archers that are trying to shoot you down with their flaming ar...
 Dragon Journey (829 plays)

Your eggs have been stolen! Quickly pursue your vulture and save all your eggs.
 Cyber Ortek (809 plays)

You are Cyber Ortek, whose duty and sole purpose is to wreck havoc to various and differen...
 Flames Of Fury (780 plays)

Play and enjoy one Dragon facing human army vehicles.
 Dragon Jet (739 plays)

Keep your Dragon bouncing by clicking on him and catch as many turbos when can.

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