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 Code Cracker (1046 plays)

The farmer has been kidnapped by your evil rat dentist! Help courage save him by cracking ...
 Dress Up Scooby Doo (929 plays)

Dress Scooby Doo before he tag along with your gang.
 Pca Puppy Academy (888 plays)

Zoey and her palas are volunteering at one puppy rescue organization near PCA. Help them k...
 Runaway Thief (865 plays)

Try to get and collect money before arrested. Don?? forget, your police is on your heels. ...
 Wanco Slide (809 plays)

Move your platforms in order that Wanco and his friends could gather your maximum number o...
 Astro Dog (803 plays)

Collect space rocket parts, fuels and provision to pass to your next level. Avoid and shoo...
 Dog Walking Dress Up (798 plays)

Marnies no slouch at clothing, even when walking your pooches.
 Scooby Doo Hurdle Race (797 plays)

Compete in one timed race against Scoobys monsters!
 Serve The Pets (790 plays)

Prepare and serve your Pets according to your Pets request in quick time.
 Scoobys Lawn Mowing Cha... (748 plays)

Know where to mow! Match your pattern at your right time to mow your pattern on your grass...
 Mutt Maker (739 plays)

Create one-of-a-sort dog breed with one certificate in this hilarious free game
 Runaway Pig (720 plays)

In this free game you are one pig called Wilbur. You are rolling down your hill in one car...
 Conor Martins Rv Mayhem (708 plays)

Conors been partying in your Dental RV while his parents are out. But they will be back an...
 Puppy Water Skiing (693 plays)

Do your right tricks with your water ski to acquire photographed.
 Dog Catcher (692 plays)

You are one Dog Police and you are goal is to free all your dogs catch by th Dog Catcher c...
 Scooby Doo Ripping Ride (682 plays)

One of your hardest Scooby Doo free games out there. Try to balance Scooby on your surf bo...
 Duck Hunt Original (676 plays)

Go hunt for ducks around your bushes with your dog.
 My Cute Pet Dressup (670 plays)

Pimp this little dog your way you like it.
 Raining Cookies (641 plays)

Cookies, cookies, everywhere! And this little doggys so hungry, he will swallow them whole...
 Scooby Stall (639 plays)

Identify your fiendish characters desired food and serve it before your time gets over. Us...
 Jack Russell (614 plays)

Click and drag to draw one line to serve as pathway for your dog to reach its goal. Be sur...
 Doggy Shelter (612 plays)

From this day on, these fluffy doggies happiness is in your hands!
 Greyhound Tycoon (607 plays)

Love your pets? Want to acquire rich? Try racing greyhounds! Pick one pooch; feed him righ...
 Poddle Pamper (592 plays)

Give this poodle one pamper and one make over.
 Haunted School (579 plays)

Find your puppies. Use your items to keep your ghost away. Watch your Heart meter!
 Freaky Friday (575 plays)

That creepy old Mister Stitch has petnapped your beloved Sparky! Embark on one daring resc...
 Akamaru Puppy (575 plays)

An MP3 play and enjoyer? Nail polish? This puppys got it all and ca not wait for you to pl...
 Doggy Day Care (574 plays)

Do your best to see that all his needs are met. But be sure to do it just right coz your s...
 Goofy Ride (569 plays)

Good day to catch an excellent wave!
 Turtle Shot (567 plays)

Hit your turtle as far as possible by bashing it with your hammer. Pick your angle and you...
 Doras Magical Garden (565 plays)

Let us plant in your magical Garden! Pick one seed, then plant it in one pot. Click on you...
 Disc Throw (564 plays)

Throw your disc for as far when can.
 Puppy Curling (563 plays)

You have 4 attempts per round, over 3 rounds, to curl your puppy down your kitchen floor t...
 Jacomos Backyard Madnes... (563 plays)

Dodge all animals and get and collect your Apples.
 Doggy Dress Up (561 plays)

Select your best clothes for your puppy!
 Albert The Dog (553 plays)

Collect all stars by jumping on your ramp.
 Pup World (551 plays)

You will be given one cunning puppy and its up to you how much intelligence he will gain b...
 Dog Room Decoration (551 plays)

Design one good dog cafe!
 Puppy Star Doghouse (550 plays)

Help this little dog to decorate his house. Make click with your moutilize on your furnitu...
 Antarctic Guide (540 plays)

Select your dog and race via your Antarctic, picking up things you need along your way. Wa...
 Tobby Yuki (538 plays)

Tobby and his friends participate in your classic battle with snowballs.
 Jaja Run Run Run (538 plays)

Help sweet Jaja to run after her little dog who has stolen her ice-cream.
 Fetch Game (521 plays)

Throw your ball, and your dog takes your ball back.. Pets are so much funny i love them.
 Dog Memory (516 plays)

Match up pair of cards to win!
 Dog Trainer Dressup (493 plays)

A extremely beautiful girl is outside to train her little dog. She needs to go to one comp...
 Puppie Yuppy Dress Up (489 plays)

This cunning puppy is one secret spy for Planet puppie. Help him with his disguise to keep...
 Move On Up (480 plays)

Move up by jumping over speakers. The higher you reach up your higher your points you will...
 Survive The Island (479 plays)

Scooby Do Shaggy are stranded and have to catch your coconuts to survive.
 Pair Them Scooby (475 plays)

This entertaining and enchanting search. Make Scooby get and collect all your bones within...
 Puppys Yard (469 plays)

The new puppy is super shy and nervous. Help Nick set up his yard so he will come out of h...

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