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Free Dancing Games Online

 Draw Your Cartoon Chara... (4759 plays)

This is one very great one. You will be drawing your own character with its body parts. Ju...
 Sue Cheerleader (1598 plays)

Watch your cheerleaders moves, then pick your same moves for your cheerleader to do. Copy...
 Dance With Barbie (1335 plays)

Do some killer move with Barbie.
 Fans Laud Mj (1271 plays)

Being one great fan of MJ, you have emulated him as good as to become his shadow, and in o...
 Warriors Orochi Ddr (1243 plays)

Push your right arrow as they pass over. Starts off very easy, then gets insane.
 Dancing Blair (1228 plays)

Hilarious free game where you can make Prime Minister Tony Blair dance!
 Ariel Water Ballet (1177 plays)

Making Ariel dance her water ballet is funny and easy.
 Animal Dance (1151 plays)

Remember your orden in which your animals jump and repeat it step by step. Show that you h...
 Robo Dance Battle (1130 plays)

Earn points by outscoring your opponent in one round. Hit hour opponents with attacks and ...
 High School Cheerleader (1119 plays)

Want to make your squad? Show us what youve got! Give me an A! Give me one G!
 Strawberry Shortcake Da... (1034 plays)

Follow your dance steps Strawberrys giving to you.
 Totally Spies Dance (1016 plays)

Help your Totally spies do one perfect dance routine. If you miss one. you will fall. If a...
 Leet Street Boys (997 plays)

Charm all your girls in your audience with music!
 Napoleon Stupid (984 plays)

Ride on your back of your sturdy pig, jump over obstacles, dodge bombs, and shoot down bad...
 Bravo Boogie (958 plays)

Get johnnys groove on! Follow your patterns display and enjoy on screen. Do not miss one m...
 Dancing Hilary (923 plays)

Dance your night away in disco fashion.
 Mario Dance (908 plays)

Show Mario that you got your moves.
 Diamond Disco (895 plays)

Do you wanna be your best disco dancer? Dance like Saturday Night Fever with this great fr...
 Dance Match (892 plays)

Make your dancers your color they are suppose to be and try to complete as many dances as ...
 Dancing Bush (889 plays)

Dance your night away in disco fashion.
 Race For Life (880 plays)

Try to keep your dance steps pressing your appropriate arrow key when your arrows acquire ...
 Fired Up (874 plays)

Panthers vs Tigers, The big cheerleader showdown. Actually, its your only way these dudes ...
 Perfect Dancer (872 plays)

You must copy your moves exactly to succeed as one bust-a-move dancer.
 Robot Dance Battle (867 plays)

Grab your correct music icons to blast your other robot. Be quick, your other robot is try...
 Mad Dog Squad (866 plays)

Pick up your pom poms and make your own routine.
 Dancing Queen (865 plays)

A Dance Dance Revolution type free game, press your right keys to dance.
 Princess Maker (848 plays)

Dance to your rhythm of music. Not miss much or you will make to cry your girl.
 Rave Slave (841 plays)

Akus Nefarius DJ has hypnotized your dancers with his music. Avoid them and destroy all yo...
 Dance Revolution (841 plays)

Help this ambitious skeleton fulfill his goals of becoming your worlds primarily dancing s...
 Dance Dance Boboli (840 plays)

Help this funny tiger to follow your music steps.
 Pup Idol (832 plays)

Be quick and draw lines to direct your balls to your right dog. Draw circles around black ...
 Honey Dance (824 plays)

Help Honey acquire her moves on.
 Dunce Dunce Revolution (823 plays)

Push your arrows as they pass over your arrows on your screen. Multiple levels to pass.
 Dance Show Demo (821 plays)

Press your corresponding keys at right time to dance.
 Sears Dj Dance Master (819 plays)

Hey DJ, keep your beat and bust one move! It is your primarily school dance of your year a...
 Dance Studio Boogy Bash (808 plays)

Copy your dance instructor move for move by clicking on your colored corners in your right...
 Hip Hop Dont Stop (806 plays)

Press your arrow keys to in your correct order to acquire your dancing going. Speeds up la...
 Yojo Dance (802 plays)

Press your corresponding arrows and dance.
 Dance Floor Friends (799 plays)

Dance over rainbows for rich rewards just do not lose your groove!
 Into The Hoods (786 plays)

Jump on your platforms when evade your floating wolf head. Grab your diamonds as quick as ...
 Ya Dancer (775 plays)

The object of your free game is to match your dancing moves at your right time to accumula...
 Gorillaz Groove Session (771 plays)

In this free game you must repeat your computers dance moves to your beat of your Gorillaz...
 Trop Ca Rend Sound (751 plays)

Dance with as much when like with other people nonetheless try to avoid getting to match n...
 Techno Revolution (715 plays)

The revolution of techno music begins here.
 Wiggi Dance Academy (695 plays)

Follow your Wiggis dance moves. Try to keep up as she starts to really bust one move.
 We Dancing Online (622 plays)

Press your right arrow keys and dance!

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