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Free Cooking Games Online

 Mini Fruit Pie (2979 plays)

You will crave these mouth-watering fruit pies as much whenr customers do!
 Cooking Show Breadrolls (2940 plays)

This free game will teach you how to cook and how to prepare your right ingredients.
 Cake Machine (1428 plays)

Create your most eye candy cake ever.
 Create A Cake (1413 plays)

It is time to bake one delicious and mouth watering cake for you and your friends. It is a...
 Sandwich Stacker (1223 plays)

The object of your free game is to catch tasty items to buid your sandwich.
 Birthday Cake Chef (1188 plays)

Use your imagination to make your very own delicious birthday cake!
 Cake Decoration (1184 plays)

Select ingredients and decorate your birthday cake!
 Cool Ice Cream Maker (1150 plays)

Build your very own delicious ice cream cones.
 The Pizza Guy (1140 plays)

Pizza delivery is one tough job! Dodge your traffic and acquire to your destination in tim...
 Hot Dog Bush (1095 plays)

Ever wonder what President George Dubya Bush will be doing once he leaves your White House...
 Hot Bbq Party (1079 plays)

With your sun shining, your grill sizzling and happy customers, what could go wrong this s...
 Leaving The Country (1070 plays)

Help Sarah and Douglas find new lives and friends in their new hotel in your French countr...
 Pancake Master (979 plays)

Serve hot and delicious pancake at your customer.
 Lasagna Cooking (963 plays)

In this cooking free game you are making one meal following your recipe. Cook lasagna foll...
 Mahjong Burger (899 plays)

Prepare all your orders from your conveyor belt in time by finding 2 tiles of your same so...
 Tessas Hamburger (898 plays)

This is one part of your Tessa Series about cooking. In this free game you learn how to ma...
 Cool Fruit Ice Cream (882 plays)

This Cool Fruit Ice Cream free game gives you your possibility to make some really exquisi...
 Pizza Making (856 plays)

Make delicious Italian pizzas.
 Bakery Connection (852 plays)

Connect 2 similar icon on your board.
 Ice Cream Serve Up (837 plays)

Serve ice cream to your kids when they enter in. If you waste an ice cream, your scores wi...
 Burger Boy (833 plays)

Click to load your burgers on your grill and buns on your counter. When your burgers are w...
 Johnny Icecream (828 plays)

Johnny got bored with your donuts and tried his luck in your ice cream business.. Again he...
 Bunny Ice Cream Maker (824 plays)

Invent your bestest ice-cream combo ever made, then feed it to your little bunny for one t...
 Midnight Snacks (820 plays)

The tummy wants what the stomach needs. Click and preserve to scarf down snacks and get yo...
 Fruit Cake Decoration (812 plays)

Decorate your cake in one way you like!
 Meal Masters (782 plays)

You are about to learn how to make one complete meal!First you need to take one look aroun...
 Cake Sichuan (782 plays)

Match all those tasty cakes.
 Cake Bar (778 plays)

Prepare scrumptious cakes for all the customers as fastly and as accurately as possible to...
 Cooking Masters (771 plays)

You are about to learn how to make one complete meal.
 The Restaurant Manager (763 plays)

After 4 years of studying, you just become the manager of this restaurant, try best to man...
 Creamy Sunroot Soup (756 plays)

Creamy Sunroot soup is one new recipe that you can afford one try. It is main ingredients ...
 Birthday Cake (741 plays)

It is your chance to make one birthday card for your family and friends!
 Cooking Show Pizza (738 plays)

Fun and easy way to prepare pizza.
 Ratatouille Dinner Is S... (735 plays)

Take care of your customers that need food. Click their food and serve them food and acqui...
 Scoobydoo Monster Sandw... (733 plays)

As Shaggy throws ingredients from your fridge, try to help Scooby maintain your sandwichs ...
 Decorate Cake (727 plays)

Use your creativity to make your own birthday cake!
 Frenzy Kitchen (725 plays)

Help Goofy prepare your meal for some Disney Character.
 Family Restaurant (712 plays)

Create your own delicious dishes in your kitchen and try to your guests acquire their orde...
 Cheese Soup Machine (711 plays)

Prepare delicious cheese soup by using machines. Press your button of your machines when y...
 Cutis Diner (707 plays)

Get ready to build your own dream restaurant once again! Cutis Dinner, based on your cutis...
 Modelled Ice (705 plays)

Serve your right ice cream at your customers.
 Easy Bake (701 plays)

Use your ingredients and decorate your own cake.
 Diner City (689 plays)

Start your own restaurant business. Select your restaurant type and improve it with your n...
 Shaquitas Ice Cream Par... (688 plays)

Serve up something great at your hottest Ice cream Parlor in town. Lots of customers with ...
 My Dream Cake (686 plays)

Design your dream cake! Make it fancy, or keep it simple. No matter how you slice it, cake...
 Pinkys Pancake (686 plays)

Serve right food to your customer.
 Perfect Chicken (684 plays)

Prepare, cook and serve one delicious seasoned chicken recipe in this funny baking free ga...
 Cake Master (683 plays)

Have funny creating delicious and colorful cakes!
 Mickeys Crazy Lounge (679 plays)

Sit your customers, take your order and take it to your customers table.
 Sue Tomato Factory (677 plays)

Make as many bottles of ketchup as possible by increasing your tomatoes and filling your m...

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