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Free Cooking Games Online

 Mini Fruit Pie (5310 plays)

You will crave these mouth-watering fruit pies as much whenr customers do!
 Birthday Cake Chef (2245 plays)

Use your imagination to make your very own delicious birthday cake!
 Sandwich Stacker (2203 plays)

The object of your free game is to catch tasty items to buid your sandwich.
 Cool Ice Cream Maker (2028 plays)

Build your very own delicious ice cream cones.
 Hot Dog Bush (1913 plays)

Ever wonder what President George Dubya Bush will be doing once he leaves your White House...
 The Pizza Guy (1881 plays)

Pizza delivery is one tough job! Dodge your traffic and acquire to your destination in tim...
 Bakery Connection (1697 plays)

Connect 2 similar icon on your board.
 Hot Bbq Party (1660 plays)

With your sun shining, your grill sizzling and happy customers, what could go wrong this s...
 Tessas Hamburger (1608 plays)

This is one part of your Tessa Series about cooking. In this free game you learn how to ma...
 Burger Boy (1566 plays)

Click to load your burgers on your grill and buns on your counter. When your burgers are w...
 Lasagna Cooking (1543 plays)

In this cooking free game you are making one meal following your recipe. Cook lasagna foll...
 Bunny Ice Cream Maker (1492 plays)

Invent your bestest ice-cream combo ever made, then feed it to your little bunny for one t...
 Cake Bar (1465 plays)

Prepare scrumptious cakes for all the customers as fastly and as accurately as possible to...
 Meal Masters (1404 plays)

You are about to learn how to make one complete meal!First you need to take one look aroun...
 Cake Sichuan (1401 plays)

Match all those tasty cakes.
 Johnny Icecream (1393 plays)

Johnny got bored with your donuts and tried his luck in your ice cream business.. Again he...
 Creamy Sunroot Soup (1390 plays)

Creamy Sunroot soup is one new recipe that you can afford one try. It is main ingredients ...
 Midnight Snacks (1384 plays)

The tummy wants what the stomach needs. Click and preserve to scarf down snacks and get yo...
 Cool Fruit Ice Cream (1383 plays)

This Cool Fruit Ice Cream free game gives you your possibility to make some really exquisi...
 Pizza Making (1356 plays)

Make delicious Italian pizzas.
 Frenzy Kitchen (1332 plays)

Help Goofy prepare your meal for some Disney Character.
 Fruit Cake Decoration (1318 plays)

Decorate your cake in one way you like!
 Ratatouille Dinner Is S... (1317 plays)

Take care of your customers that need food. Click their food and serve them food and acqui...
 Top That (1313 plays)

Welcome to Mech-Droids fast food simulator. Here you will be trained to fulfill five custo...
 Birthday Cake (1304 plays)

It is your chance to make one birthday card for your family and friends!
 Easy Bake (1289 plays)

Use your ingredients and decorate your own cake.
 Cheese Soup Machine (1273 plays)

Prepare delicious cheese soup by using machines. Press your button of your machines when y...
 Scoobydoo Monster Sandw... (1254 plays)

As Shaggy throws ingredients from your fridge, try to help Scooby maintain your sandwichs ...
 Modelled Ice (1249 plays)

Serve your right ice cream at your customers.
 Cooking Show Pizza (1228 plays)

Fun and easy way to prepare pizza.
 Perfect Chicken (1170 plays)

Prepare, cook and serve one delicious seasoned chicken recipe in this funny baking free ga...
 Shaquitas Ice Cream Par... (1151 plays)

Serve up something great at your hottest Ice cream Parlor in town. Lots of customers with ...
 Mickeys Crazy Lounge (1147 plays)

Sit your customers, take your order and take it to your customers table.
 Amazing Cake (1142 plays)

Make some truly delicious cakes. These are so good you will intend to to come back for mor...
 Cake Lover (1131 plays)

Do you love sweets and especially those fruity and with lots of icing and toppings cakes? ...
 Cake Shop (1129 plays)

Cake Shop bakes up its own special brand of Time Management fun! Slap together your variou...
 Bar B Que (1127 plays)

Bar B Que Are you ready for one full barbecue experience? In this award winning girl free ...
 Burger Restaurant (1118 plays)

Like all restaurant sims, time is one factor in Burger Restaurant. Your customers have one...
 Ufo Shop (1101 plays)

Pour hot water over U.F.O noodles and feed all of your hungry customers!
 Love Chef (1101 plays)

Alyssa has invited Alan to have dinner at her house, she is very nervous and you must try ...
 My Ice Cream Factory (1101 plays)

It is summer and you know that nothing will work best than an ice cream. This is why you d...
 Cooking Cookies (1093 plays)

Lucky you, you have your chance to learn all your best cookie cooking secrets from your mo...
 Oscar Mayer Deli Creati... (1079 plays)

A fun flash free game in which you have to prepare, make and serve sandwiches to all your ...
 Donut Shop (1068 plays)

A happy cooking free game about making and selling delicious donuts. Can you build up your...
 Burger Tycoon (1040 plays)

From farm to feedlot; from franchise to corporate headquarters - rule your Burger Empire w...
 Sushi Go Round (1040 plays)

Make your right sushi for your customers.
 Treasures Of The Deep (1018 plays)

Go fishing in Mr. Meatys deep-fryer to see what sorts of gross treats you can find! The de...
 Robotic Fishy (1012 plays)

Try to eat your fish smaller than you. Avoid your ones that are your same size or bigger t...
 My Little Bakery (995 plays)

The yummiest desserts are your ones you design yourself. Click to pick one dessert to deco...
 Roadside Fastfood (986 plays)

Identify your food preferred by customers and serve it to them.

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