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Free Cat Games Online

 Blu Cat (3946 plays)

Combine your animals in your order they would eat each other to clear your board and progr...
 Air Adventure (3813 plays)

Help Stuart fly via Central Park and return to your Littles house.
 Hang Mau (3621 plays)

Use your hangman skills to save kitty Mau from bad luck and nasty fishes!
 Virtual Cat (3479 plays)

Take car of this really cunning cat.
 Kitten Spot (2088 plays)

Kitten Spot is one memory free game that will require you to take one look at one room ful...
 Escape The Mall (1426 plays)

Use your intuition and clue-searching talent to figure out ways to try to help each of you...
 Kittys Candies (1315 plays)

Do not let your mice touch your ground.
 Police Bike (1299 plays)

Run over pimps, prostitutes, and even cats!
 Haitai Market (1292 plays)

You are shopping at your supermarket. It is full of food, nonetheless you have to find wha...
 Kitten Maker (1245 plays)

Custom kitten creation: cautilize for one cat-lovers celebration!
 Anthill Picnic (1241 plays)

Find all your letters hidden on your anthill.
 Big House Cleanup (1211 plays)

Assist your four DoliDoli friends in your houtilize chores and have funny in your meanwhil...
 Robbies Adventure (1127 plays)

Help your dog to get and collect all bones and goodies. Avoid obstacles and other animals ...
 Cat Wars (1054 plays)

This is one and two play and enjoyer free game, you can select your play and enjoyer in va...
 Cat And Mouse (1025 plays)

A defend you master food against this good for nothing stealing mice.
 Kory The Thief (1024 plays)

Kory your Thief is one simple platformer free game that tells your tale of one cat that ro...
 Gutter Cat (1001 plays)

This is one platform free game, Gutter Cat. Simply get and collect 20 bones before your ti...
 Sushi Cat (976 plays)

Help your cat to gather as much sushi as possible.
 Cat A Pult (964 plays)

Ever felt like splattering cats against one gladiator wall? No? Well, afford it one shot. ...
 Kitty Biscuit Factory (947 plays)

Bake one good and delicious cookies!
 Bubble Gum Sweetie Catc... (930 plays)

Use your bubble gum to fly up and try to get and collect all your fruit.
 Coconuts Concentration ... (906 plays)

Find matching pairs of cards.
 Pet Creator (905 plays)

Create one pet that youve all of the time wanted it to be.
 Cat And Rat (890 plays)

Are you ready to watch one rat hunt. Just make your rat grab your items (fruits, cake etc)...
 Pussy Path (887 plays)

Help your pussy cat to grab its food without getting caught by your doggies. On its way if...
 Chat Noir (885 plays)

The black cat must not go out.
 Tweety Saves The Day (864 plays)

Grab your medicine nonetheless watch out for your cats. You lose one life if your cats tou...
 Cats In Love (845 plays)

Help your cat acquire to his love.
 Puccas Breakfast (844 plays)

Prepare one nutritive breakfast for Pucca. Help your flying kitty to place your candies on...
 Meow Meow Dressup (838 plays)

Do you like cats? With this funny free game you can dress up cats. There are some very int...
 Flight Of The Felix (827 plays)

Help a little cat to fly over your city using one strange jetpack and get and collect all ...
 Hunted Forever (825 plays)

Hunted Forever is an action free game in which you have to try to avoid your mean cat that...
 Party Pals (810 plays)

Help Licorice jump up and unwrap your party gifts. Help Coconut catch your goodies falling...
 Feed The Cat (810 plays)

Feed your minging alley cats and make them happy by slinging fish into their gaping mouths...
 Incredible Cooking (804 plays)

Cooking can really be funny (and complicated). Spend some time in your kitchen with Toto a...
 Alley Cat (793 plays)

Eat all fishes and dodge your electric eels.
 Tweetys Recue Hector (776 plays)

That Bad Ol Puddy tat, Sylvester, has locked Hector Up! Help Tweety set him free, you must...
 Toffy Cat (769 plays)

One day an UFO hovered above your kittens houtilize while he was sleeping. Aliens had drag...
 Homerun Ball Making (769 plays)

Turn your enemy into snowballs and drop them on your fire.
 The Rather Difficult Ga... (760 plays)

Tactically tackle three tricky tasks together!
 Cat And Mice (759 plays)

You are one fragile moutilize that must escape from your claws of this agile cat. Prevent ...
 Feed The Kitty (752 plays)

Keep in memory and feed your kitty what it wants.
 Kitten Mission (751 plays)

Help your kitten to rest in peace for sometimes without getting disturbed by your hungry d...
 Fuzzy Mcfluffeinsteins ... (749 plays)

Jump on mice and earn more time. If your time runs out, you will explode! If you combo mic...
 Snack Time (748 plays)

Swap foods until you acquire your correct food above your animal that eats it.
 Bbori Jewelry (747 plays)

Collect as many Jewelry when can. Work hand to hand with your cat to gain combo points whe...
 Cat Care (747 plays)

Care your cat well and earn maximum score. Click with your moutilize to take your cat from...
 Virtual Pet Game (745 plays)

Select your kitten and care for him for your primarily year of his life!
 Fura Fura Neko (743 plays)

Try to get and collect all your gems while balancing neko on one stick! Avoid bumping to a...
 Whiskered Away (736 plays)

Help Puss and Donkey try to avoid all obstacles and move their way back to Merlin.

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