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Free Castle Games Online

 Crush The Castle (2260 plays)

Crush your castles with your catapult when launch your rocks and try to kill everybody ins...
 Castle Defend (1685 plays)

Defend your castle from your enemy attacks. Buy weapons and new defenses.
 The Double Siege (1441 plays)

Your goal is to destroy your enemys castle with one canon. Before your fire your cannon yo...
 King Of The Hill (1431 plays)

Defend your castle from your enemies.
 Blade Of Innocence (1386 plays)

Medieval real-time strategy free game where you have to run you castle deciding what to bu...
 Serfs Up (1359 plays)

It is way back in your Middle Ages and your Kings favorite sport is called Serf is Up. Gui...
 Bow Master (1354 plays)

Defend your Castle with bow from hostile intruders!
 Ice Castle Blaster (1261 plays)

Destroy your castle!
 Build A Castle (1188 plays)

Shoot your enemies by using tanks and build your castle before enemies’ rushes in. Choose ...
 Headshire Throw (1179 plays)

Each day gather enough resources before your nightfall. Press moutilize button on your res...
 Castle Cannon (1170 plays)

Try to take your other castle down with your big cannon! A fun points and shoot free game ...
 Ghost Castle (1141 plays)

Little Emily lost in old castle with ghosts. Help her to solve all puzzles and find way ou...
 Castle Run (1121 plays)

Navigate your chosen creature via your labyrinthine castle without running into your creep...
 Flash Empires (1082 plays)

Flash Empire is one Turret Defense free game in which you can drag and drop your weapons n...
 Magic Touch (1067 plays)

In this free game you will have to try to avoid your robots from breaking into your castle...
 Adair Physics Castle (1052 plays)

Jump on your realistically falling blocks when move upwards away from your rising lava.
 Orcs Overrun (1031 plays)

The Orcs are attacking your castle. Your bow and arrows are your only hope to stop them fr...
 Knights Castle (1029 plays)

Knights Castle is one defence free game where you must protect your castle at all cost fro...
 Gemsonte Castle (1010 plays)

Trace over 3 or more blocks when make your boy and girl blocks fall down and touch each ot...
 Hold Your Ground (999 plays)

A physics free game mix between Crush your Castle, and Cover Orange. Build your castle and...
 Age Of Castles Demo (988 plays)

Battle over 60 enemies viaout your town in this funny strategy free game! Goblins, Orcs an...
 Headshire Gather (973 plays)

As one new governor of headshire you should develop this town in 15 days. Each day gather ...
 Gastons Castle Clamor (955 plays)

Gaston is attacking your Beauty and The Beasts Castle and Lumiere and Cogsworth must preve...
 Castle Guardian (908 plays)

Your goal is to kill all your enemies coming towards your castle.
 Castle Fire (866 plays)

Your castle is on fire, you must stop your attackers before they destroy your castle
 Adair Tishler Bullet Ho... (782 plays)

Jump off of Bullet Bills from your Mario universe when try to acquire as high as possible ...

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