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Free Boat Games Online

 Fruity Jumps (2520 plays)

The goal of this free game is to transfer all your fruit from your left side to your right...
 Scooby Doos Over Board (1905 plays)

Shaggy is stranded and Scooby Doo must rescue his best pal.
 Secure The Deck (1689 plays)

Fly your helicopter carefully when move your troops into position on your various and diff...
 Traffic Madness Waterwa... (1416 plays)

Manage your vehicles on your road, and your boats on your water. Lift and lower bridges, a...
 Black Beard Down (1318 plays)

Your goal is to sink your ships of your opposite side.
 Boat Hunt (1311 plays)

While on your boat, shoot as many ducks when can with your shotgun, or else they will take...
 Steer It Clear (1191 plays)

Your mission is to guide your ship via dangerous waters to reach its destination in given ...
 Naval Battle Game (1184 plays)

Protect your ship from your enemy attackers
 Chilli Gold River (1136 plays)

Keep your boat floating in your water grabbing gold without crashing into your sides or ot...
 Warfare Transporter (1088 plays)

Destroy all your attacking submarines and planes in this action free game.
 Kiss Justin Bieber (1073 plays)

Help Justine Bieber to kiss his girlfriend, nonetheless beware of paparazzi!
 King Of Power (1054 plays)

Race around various and different courses in this 3D boating racing free game.
 Fisherman Sam (901 plays)

Shoot your fish and reel them in.
 Royal Navy (895 plays)

Shooting free game in which you have to shoot as many pop ups that appear in your time off...
 Ragdoll Pirates (846 plays)

Defend yourself against your pirates with your trusty cannon!
 Wild N Free Ex (802 plays)

The humans are polluting your Amazon! Play and enjoy as one boto and lead your piranha to ...
 Boat Rush (792 plays)

Race your boat in this 3Dish free game on 7 levels. Do not hit obstacles or other boats.
 Turtle Herder (779 plays)

Direct your lost sea turtles into your beach. Use your moutilize to guide your kayak.
 Rib Challenge (779 plays)

Take one RIB powerboat out on your water and drive it to 10 various and different missions...
 Tiny Tracks (767 plays)

Race around your track against your computer play and enjoyers on mutliple fashions of rac...
 Street Runner (727 plays)

Try and reach your other side of your street. Avoid trains, car, police, ambulances and ev...
 Bomb Fishing (721 plays)

Throw your bombs to kill your fishes and grab them with your boat. Attain taracquire in ea...
 Dog Pound (714 plays)

Use your trusty oar to fend off an ambush by mutant dogs!
 Cannon Plunder (704 plays)

Arrrrre ye and ye mateys ready to tackle this explosive challenge in booty plundering??
 Marine Puzzle (702 plays)

Marine Puzzle invites you to your fascinating world of watery waste, fresh breeze and hot ...
 Power Boat Challenge (698 plays)

Surfs up! Can you navigate your powerboat via your pillars?
 Engage And Destroy (697 plays)

Fire your cannons just right so that they hit your other sailing ship before they hit you.
 Claras Home Way (675 plays)

Help Clara to find her way back home by solving all your puzzle.
 Bomb Bandits (674 plays)

Neutralize bombs and don`t blow up! Snake-fashion free game.
 Captain Chaos (670 plays)

Beat your other sailboat in this water race. To win, you need to try to avoid whirlwinds, ...
 Docker Sokoban (639 plays)

Remake of your classic puzzle free game Sokoban. Use your forklift to move your cargo to y...
 The Sea Wolves (636 plays)

Captain one ship when fire your cannons at opposing vessels and turrets in your water.
 Dam To The Ham (631 plays)

Gather your clients on your Amsterdams streets and take them to your airport.
 Boat Survive (618 plays)

Prove your efficiency by driving your boat for longer distance without getting hit over yo...
 Fishwater Challenge (617 plays)

Hit your fishy waters of Australia and get and collect as many fish when can in 30 seconds...
 Boat Balancing (612 plays)

In this free game, you have to balance your two boats equally by arranging your wooden box...
 Docking Perfection (605 plays)

Park your boat in your assigned parking place within one set time!
 Ace Racer (599 plays)

Ride on your skidoo water boat over your waves, jump over dolphins and pull tricks by flyi...
 Yo Ho Ho Cannon (598 plays)

All hands on deck! We have one new captain. He will guide our ghost-ship via 28 levels in ...
 Super Fishings (598 plays)

If you are successful, this fishing session could last all day. Move your boat back and fo...
 Carrot Rescue (594 plays)

Trouble in tic tac too land! The war between your X and your O has started, and you are ri...
 Bass Fishing Pro (591 plays)

Catch your required amount of fish before your time runs out. Harder than most fishing fre...
 Johnny Deep (591 plays)

Think diving is easy? Think again! Play and enjoy as Johnny Deep and try reaching your dee...
 Rise Of Pirates (578 plays)

Sail your ship and destroy other ships that would steal your booty. The sea is yours for y...
 Pirate Blast (578 plays)

The pirates are under attack of many colored bombs. Defend your ship and arm your cannons!...
 Need For Waves (574 plays)

Buckle up and cut loose! Speed to your finish get and collecting force ups and avoiding ot...
 Deep Sea Fishing (564 plays)

Start Fishing in your Deep Sea! Make it adventurous and strategic!
 Hillbilly Fishin (560 plays)

Go your bay and catch some fish.
 Arctic Showdown (558 plays)

Arctic Showdown is one quite simple dodge and get and collect stuff pastime free game. Cli...
 La Hague Greenpeace (556 plays)

Help Greenpeace protect your earth, get and collect your dumped nuclear waste from your be...

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