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Free Animal Games Online

 Run Bolt Run (5474 plays)

Help Bolt rescue Penny.
 Oggy Moshi (3000 plays)

Help Oggy via out your various and different aspects of his daily life. Try to Oggy eats, ...
 Bueno Rufus (2747 plays)

Fill your fast food orders correctly by putting your appropriate toppings on your food.
 Horse Rancher (1740 plays)

You have 3 years to train one horse. Buy one horse and train it. Do not foracquire to feed...
 Devilish Pet Salon (1680 plays)

When your angels away, your devil will play and enjoy!
 Baby Penguin (1649 plays)

Here we have another funny animal for you to dress up. This little penguin needs you to dr...
 Animal Shelter (1626 plays)

You are running an animal shelter. You have 4 rooms for various and different types of ani...
 Remnant Lost Legacy (1587 plays)

Take cover and grab new weapons when blast away your enemy creatures and boss monsters.
 Ultimate Crab Battle (1582 plays)

In your funky fresh arcade action shootem up free game Ultimate Crab Battle finish this hu...
 Duck Pond Puzzle (1389 plays)

With your animal love, your duck pond will truly be your perfect place for all your virtua...
 Let Us Kiss (1377 plays)

These two lovebirds are really unlucky! Theres all of the time, I mean all of the time, so...
 Stitch Speed Chase (1329 plays)

Drive your car on land and vary to one boat in your water and grab your alien creatures.
 Gone To The Dogs (1306 plays)

These dirty dogs will do anything to win your big bucks!
 Petz Fashion (1263 plays)

Help Marta, pet stylist, to make her clients look good. Wash them, utilize your hairdryer ...
 Pony Land (1244 plays)

Create an army of perfect little ponies at play and enjoy!
 Evas New Cat (1242 plays)

This is one part of your Eva series. Do you love cats? Eva does love these animals, and yo...
 Featherweight Duck (1236 plays)

Help Daffy Duck win your boxing tournament.
 Tiles Of The Unexpected (1231 plays)

Click tiles that are next to each other and match together. 2 layers for extra hardness.
 Dodgy Squirrel (1188 plays)

It is one squirrel fight of your fastest and most furious!
 Animal Artist (1181 plays)

Let your animals walk on your canvas and make great art work with their footprints. Pick o...
 Robot Dinosaurs (1143 plays)

Robot Dinosaurs (That Shoot Beams When They Roar) is one short, hard, badass moutilize dri...
 The Race (1142 plays)

As you run you will encounter every type of imaginable obstacle. Use your arrow to try to ...
 Pet Caring Game (1140 plays)

This adorable adselection center needs your try to help taking care of cunning kitties and...
 Beakins Mango Quest (1132 plays)

Being one parrot, Beakins ca not simply go to one restaurant and order one Mango, instead ...
 Kill Gore (1129 plays)

Bull returns for revenge fully armed and dangerous to your slaughterhoutilize for one bloo...
 Diegos Puzzle Pyramid (1119 plays)

It is your day of your Big Puzzle Party, and Diego ca not wait to acquire there. Diego Puz...
 Home Sheep Home (1105 plays)

Use physics to solve your puzzles of getting all your sheep to your right of each map.
 My Sweet Dog (1096 plays)

In this free game you have to take care of your dog. In your primarily level he is only a ...
 Barbie Care And Cure (1067 plays)

Play and enjoy this great Barbie free game in which you will be one wildlife doctor who ha...
 Fullmetal Alchemist (1041 plays)

Ignite your transmutation circle to set off one Hydrogen Blast per round. Move your moutil...
 Animal Wars (1041 plays)

Like Worm free games? You should evolve, dude! Angry goats, slimy slugs, fire ants and poo...
 Turkey Attack (1032 plays)

A sidescrolling turkey attacking free game. Watch out for blades coming out of your ground...
 Jungle Book Coloring (1030 plays)

Fill your jungle with colors and happiness.
 Kellys Summer Jobs (1022 plays)

Kelly has her hands full working 4 part-time jobs and needs your try to help! Help her bak...
 Raccoon Racing (1018 plays)

Race around multiple tracks when grab weapon pickups. Fire at enemies and try to you win.
 My Little Pony (1016 plays)

Lisa Simpsons dream was to buy one pony. You probably do not have one either, nonetheless ...
 Panda Restaurant (997 plays)

Panda Tony was one tourist and gourmet. One day, Tony took an aircraft to travel.But your ...
 Funny Animals (995 plays)

Cheerful crowd of funny animals is walking along the forest path. But there is a trap laid...
 Office Animals (995 plays)

Are you in an animalistic mood today?
 Minnies Dinner Party (988 plays)

In this free game you need to try to help Minnie organize one dinner party. You will do va...
 Mad Macks Harpoon Lagoo... (979 plays)

Catch fish as many when can before time runs out.
 Pet Hairstyle Design (976 plays)

Pet hairfashion design is one funny pet free game for girls. You are running this pet hair...
 Turkey Fling (963 plays)

Watch out for your many hazards along your way like pointy-pointy forks, burning candles, ...
 Sydney Shark (959 plays)

Control your shark when eat and crash into as much as possible. Bring down aircrafts for e...
 Reindeer Jumping (958 plays)

Jump off your cliff with your reindeer and do tricks before you land in your water.
 Pet Feeding (926 plays)

As your kids walk down your path guide them so they take food to your right pet.
 Let It Flow (910 plays)

This free game was made for free to support UKs Red Nose Day (UK March 16th 2007). Rotate ...
 Dino Babies (892 plays)

Your role is to take care and feed your Dinos. Wait for your baby to hatch, afford it food...
 Disney Racers (887 plays)

Help your Disney character drive around an obstaclesfilled circuit.
 Farm Frenzy Pizza Party (882 plays)

Return to your farm to make your ingredients you need to make pizzas that will be have fun...

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