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Free Alien Games Online

 Duck Dodgers (2834 plays)

Cool Cartoon action platform! Daffy and Piggy Martian. Where is your Roadrunner?
 War Of The Worlds (2812 plays)

The Aliens are coming! shoot them down and save Victorian England from invasion!
 Alien Discipline (1234 plays)

Use your big hammer to smash naughty aliens, nonetheless watch out for missiles and bombs.
 Aliens Busted (1145 plays)

Help your agent Scully to capture all your aliens. Run at full speed by your highway with ...
 Alien Carnage (1134 plays)

Sidescroller action, alien shooter flash free game.
 Star Craft Brood War (1096 plays)

Defend your fellow Terran against your Zergs.
 They Return From Space (991 plays)

The aliens return from space. And they are bigger, meaner and uglier then ever. Defend ear...
 Space Food Shop (979 plays)

You are working in an alien bar. Aliens will order food. The food will float in your air. ...
 Xenospace Colony (938 plays)

Stay alive whenr massive horde comes chasing after you. Grab powerups and earn weapons to ...
 Alien Craft (877 plays)

Build your structures to build units to attack your enemy. Keep mining going to make money...
 Space Trooper (873 plays)

You have to fight your way and rescue your space station. As one space trooper it is your ...
 Mission To Neptune (854 plays)

Mission to Neptune is one futuristic journey that involves low gravity, ancient alien hier...
 Cosmic Breakfast (825 plays)

Dish out some healthy breakfasts that are out of this world!
 Alien Roll (810 plays)

Your goal is to try to help your aliens across your puzzling platform to complete each lev...
 Space Ball Cosmo Dude (792 plays)

Shoot your basketball into your hoop when try to make all your various and different angle...
 Alien Hunter Game (754 plays)

Move around your levels blowing up alien holes and shooting aliens that come out. Upgrade ...
 Spy Truck (725 plays)

Your planet has been attacked by aliens and its time for you to show some action and acqui...
 Moon Cannon (725 plays)

Your task is to defend your Earth against your asteroids and attacks of your alien ships.A...
 Alien Becher Shooter (700 plays)

Kill all your aliens. Gather your bottles and dented wheels in order to improve your healt...
 Agent Cool (683 plays)

Fight off your alien invasion as Agent Cool.
 Save The Cow (680 plays)

As one cow protector your job is to rescue your cows by shooting on your alien invader.
 Smosh Strike (677 plays)

The Gorzon alien civilization is laying siege upon earth. Destroy them and defend earth.
 Ally The Alien (661 plays)

Help Ally fto find his friend on this dangerous adventure filled with complicated obstacle...
 Foreign Creature (650 plays)

Our objective in this point-and-click thriller is to play and enjoy your role of one blood...
 The Space Hunter (645 plays)

Hunt aliens with your fishing pole. You have to throw your bait and pulsate again to pick ...
 Alien Abduction (636 plays)

Proceed to planet earth and abduct as many life forms as possible.
 Alien Wars (631 plays)

Play and enjoy Itchana Tchones!
 Alien Guard (626 plays)

Help Nanny take out all your evil aliens.
 Alien Vs Predator (620 plays)

Stay alive as long as possible as one predator that is killing alien hoards until he final...
 Mr Coo (619 plays)

Mr Coo is trapped on one strange alien planet and its up to you to guide him to safety. A ...
 Morality Wars (609 plays)

Shoot your incoming enemies that are trying to attack your base. Enemies acquire tougher.
 Robot Jim (592 plays)

Kill your enemies to progress and reach level bosses. Stay alive for as long as possible.
 Alien Embed (589 plays)

In this 2d alien shooter, you are prince Adriel an alien from another planet who must defe...
 Alien Bounce (585 plays)

With your try to help of catapult, try to help your alien to fly as far as possible. Mind ...
 Mission To Venus (584 plays)

Beware of your rocks. Earn item points to grow your score, get and collect small fuels and...
 Metroid Genesis (580 plays)

A primarily person shooting free game. Where you can shoot freaky aliens like floating bra...
 Catscratch Spindango Fu... (579 plays)

After cheating to win one dance videofree game, Blik was singled out whenr savior of an al...
 Asteroid War (568 plays)

Evade your enemy gunships when await rescue and improve your constant spaceship lifeboat.
 Alien Attack Game (554 plays)

Defend your galaxy from your alien onslaught by maneuvering your spaceship and destroying ...
 Warm Game (553 plays)

This free game was developed to promote one beer brand. Something bad is happening in your...
 Budget Invasion (551 plays)

Take over your planet earth by destroying your earths army forces using your meagres alien...
 Star Ladder (545 plays)

Prevent your aliens from invading your planet by throwing stars on your correct ladder. Us...
 Green Escape (542 plays)

Bring these spacemen to head-bashing freedom!
 Panda Pang (542 plays)

You are one Panda with one raygun, trying to stop one horde of green icky things. Go Panda...
 Destroy The World (540 plays)

The alien world is being threatened by Earth. That is why they are preparing attacks on Ea...
 Robot Wants Kitty (536 plays)

Collect powerups to try to help robot find his way to kitty! That makes sense.
 Project First Strike (535 plays)

Travel via corridors, shoot down enemies, destroy your nuclear reactors and kill your boss...
 Galactic Intruders (532 plays)

Man went to space only to find it was already taken.
 Doras Space Adventure (525 plays)

Help Dora in her space adventure with Boots.
 Naked Melee Armageddon (523 plays)

Make more people by clicking so fast to match those evil doing alien.

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